At Natural HR, we are passionate about helping companies manage and get more out of their teams. By bringing together our technology and your staff, we believe that great things can happen! It’s not technology for technology’s sake – it’s about bringing out the true business benefits of your organisation and the value of your people to give you a serious competitive advantage.

Jason Dowzell

CEO and co founder

Our history

Natural HR was born in 2010 out of an internal requirement within a services business for an online employee management system specifically to manage remote employees who needed to submit timesheets each week.

After much searching we were unable to find a reliable, low cost UK based provider of simple yet powerful HR software. After finding many over priced offerings predominantly based overseas which you often needed a Masters to install and understand we decided to develop a custom application for our own use and, on discussing with other business owners and HR professionals, it then became apparent that there was a gap in the marketplace which Natural HR aims to plug.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our product and support and we love hearing from and listening to our clients. From the very earliest days, Natural HR has become the solution it has today through our community of users helping us define and new refine new features and work through the complexity of a truly international audience.

Our leadership team

Find out why thousands of HR professionals rely upon Natural HR

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Natural HR users across the world

Find out why thousands of HR professionals rely upon Natural HR

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At Natural HR we are passionate about two things - human resources and technology.

Natural HR exists to bring the latest technology innovations to the world of human resources and to ensure that medium and large companies can access this technology in a secure, simple and cost effective way.