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Have one central view of all employee and HR data

Covering the whole employee lifecycle from recruitment through to offboarding, Natural HR offers the most comprehensive HR software solution on the market in a simple to use, secure cloud based platform.

Deliver business value through predictive HR analytics

HR(Human Resources) is about more than just generating reports – predictive HR analytics allows you to link what HR does to your business objectives and deliver true business value in a way you will never have been able to before.

Manage your people and HR risk and security

Whether it is managers not following procedures, missing documents or handling performance issues according to your policies, you can reduce and manage your risk through our secure and efficient solution.

Empower your managers and employees

Administration can overpower us to the point we no longer get any effective work done. By empowering managers and employees to be self sufficient you can get back to being productive and drive your business forward.

Increased employee engagement

Happy, engaged employees are a huge asset to any company. Ensure that your employees feel valued, respected and engaged by using processes such as pulse, surveys, 360 feedback, suggestions and much more.

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Features of our Human Resources Software

HR database

Complete, searchable and secure records for every current and former member of staff. Instantly find references, holiday records, sick days and more.

Employee self service

Free your staff to book holidays, enter time sheets and more. Save time and give them a new feeling of responsibility.

HR reporting

Whether you use our more than 70 pre built charts and reports or build your own using our powerful report builder, you will always have access to the information you need when you need it with cloud HR software.

Time and attendance

Stay on top of punctuality and absenteeism rates before they become an issue through searchable functions as well as automatic alerts.

Recruitment software

Software for HR should make the recruitment process simple to administer and manage. With our streamlined processes, including transferring to an employee in a few clicks, it’s  never been easier.

Performance management

From sales to admin, our totally customised performance management HR software helps you create simple benchmarks for staff across your organisation.

Document management

We may not be achieving the complete paperless office just yet, but by creating a powerful document platform, you are one step closer.

Total reward

If retaining and motivating your staff is important to you, then the total reward statements in our software for HR are a powerful way to remind individuals of the total value (cash and non-financial rewards) they receive.

360 feedback

Gather together performance appraisals on an individual from a number of sources, including colleagues and direct reports to form a complete and unbiased picture of their contribution.

Expense management

Allow staff to scan or photograph and upload receipts, mileage forms and more, thus reducing lost paperwork and retaining a permanent account of all expenses next to their records with our online HR software.

Asset management

When an employee leaves your service, this powerful tool helps you to keep track of and monitor the return of any of their equipment – from their iPhone to their company vehicle.

Employee engagement

Who knows your company better than its staff? By encouraging and recording feedback from your people through employee suggestions and custom surveys in online HR software, you can not only encourage it, but act on it, too.


What is HR(Human Resources) Software?

HR software or HR system is an application that combines a number of processes and systems which enable businesses to manage employees and their data. It is also sometimes referred to as HRMS (Human Resource Management System), or HRIS (Human Resource Information System).

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