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Get more from your HR system

Unlike other Cloud HR software vendors that leave it to you to figure out
their system, at Natural HR we believe you should have all the support you
need to get the most out of our software, as your business grows

A single system to run
your HR operation

Transform the way you manage
administration with all the
tools you need to build a high
performing HR function.

Easy to use HR software
from the cloud

Simplify and automate your
HR processes and give your
employees and managers
the power to self-serve.

‘Return-on-HR’ customer
success programme

Get all the support you need to make
the most of your investment through
our knowledge base and customer
success team.

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Grow with you

We are passionate about ensuring you get the most out of our software.

Our customer success team is dedicated to helping you unlock our rich functionality as your business grows.

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Reduce your admin burden

With Natural HR you’ll quickly be able to introduce best practice HR processes and standardise across your business.

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Make informed people decisions

The reporting and analytics suite within Natural HR enables you to pull together employee data for your management team and present your insights using elegant dashboards.

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How to get your business to invest in HR software

A comprehensive guide to help you build your business case

What GDPR means for HR in your business

The key HR challenges presented by the new data privacy legislation.

How to get started with HR analytics

The natural place to begin your reporting and analytics journey.


Natural HR Suite

We are continually developing our HR suite based on feedback from our customers, which means you’ll never outgrow our software.

HR database

Instantly find references, holiday
records, sick days and more.

Employee self-service

Save time and give your staff a new feeling of responsibility.

HR reporting

Have access to the information you need with cloud HR software.

Time and attendance

Stay on top of punctuality and absenteeism rate through searchable functions.

Recruitment software

Software for HR makes the recruitment process simple to administer and manage.


Performance management HR software creates simple benchmarks for staff.

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What is HR
(human resources)

HR software or HR system is an application that combines a number of processes and systems which enable businesses to manage employees and their data. It is also sometimes referred to as HRMS (Human Resource Management System), or HRIS (Human Resource Information System).

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Natural Resources

The latest HR insights and events for growing businesses.

How to get stakeholders to buy-in to your HR Initiatives

| Human Resources | No Comments
Whether you’re proposing a new wellbeing programme, rewards system or the implementation of HR software, the first step in any new HR initiative is gaining buy-in from your organisation’s key stakeholders. Any significant change to process, policy or platform will inevitably come at a cost, so budgetary sign-off will, of course, need to be achieved. In an ideal world though, you’ll get more than just the financial go-ahead from above. For your new initiatives to really take root in the organisation, you’ll need full backing from your bosses, with senior leaders prepared to support your cause and push your idea…

How HR can drive innovation in your business

| Employee Management, HR Software, Leadership | No Comments
As famous sports coach Lou Holtz once said: “Nothing on earth is standing still - it’s either growing or dying”. This is entirely true in a business context too, where the rapid rate of change means your organisation is either moving forward with the times or falling behind with inevitable consequences. We live in the age of disruption, with countless examples of companies such as Netflix, Airbnb and Uber that have turned established industries on their heads. It’s why, in 2019, a culture of continuous innovation is just about the most important thing an organisation can create. Of course, every…
HR team providing coaching to prepare future leaders

How HR can prepare leaders for tomorrow’s workplace

| Human Resources, Team | No Comments
Everyone knows the world of work is changing. Through digital transformation, increased remote capabilities, advances in AI and the growth of the gig economy, working environments have evolved significantly over the last decade - and continue to change at a frightening pace. Frightening, not least, for today’s employees - many of whom are concerned about the working world of the future, and what it might mean for them. Concerns, perhaps, are justified. The workers of today face a genuine challenge if they are to fulfil their potential as the leaders of tomorrow. And many of those in leadership positions today…

Events & Webinars

HR Expert Series Webinar – Working 9 to 5 (Flexible Working) On Demand

In this webinar, you’ll hear Gary share his thoughts on how flexible working can help you achieve a better work-life balance and the role flexible working has in creating a great employee experience!

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