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How is my data backed up?

By 06/03/2012May 20th, 2022Security
NB Natural HR

It is an obvious concern for customers that their data is not only secure but also that it is protected in the event of something going wrong. What can go wrong? Well, we are talking about things like server failure or corruption of data and the likes which, trust me, happen to EVERYONE no matter how big you are. Technology can be deployed to minimise the impact of such issues but it is VERY expensive and, as a free provider, not something we could realistically consider so how do we protect your data against such eventualities?

Firstly, we take full database backups every four hours. An encrypted copy of each of those backups are kept locally on disk (i.e. in the same datacentre) for seven days so if something does go wrong we can recover quickly as the backup is very close the actual server itself. At the same time as storing it locally, we also send a copy (still encrypted) to a remote server in a different datacentre in a totally different geographic area so even if there was a major disaster affecting our main datacentre it would be unlikely to also impact the backup datacentre. Once at the backup datacentre we keep these four hourly backups (again on disk) but for thirty days. During that period we create a weekly backup once a week and retain that for a year and then a monthly backup at the end of each month and retain those for seven years!

We think this is a true enterprise-class data protection strategy to ensure our customers data is protected against IT disasters such as server failures or database corruption and natural disasters such as fires or floods.

If you have any questions about this please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be more than happy to assist.