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New version release

By 06/06/2012November 17th, 2021Software
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Since launching in September 2010 we have been working hard to make our software the best it can be to meet YOUR needs. At the same time, we were never totally happy with the design and layout of the software and really wanted to do something new and slicker and we are very excited to announce the release!

As well as redesigning the interface we have also incorporated a host of NEW features based on customer requests which we hope are something you are as excited about as we are. These include:

  1. Employee self service
    • Update address and contact details
    • Update next of kin details
    • Update bank details
    • Request and track leave
  2. Document management system to allow the upload of company documents such as policies and procedures
  3. Employee document uploads to allow multiple documents for an employee
  4. Addition of a leaver process
  5. Company / manager / employee calendar
  6. Addition of departments
  7. Totally new layout for adding employees with a MUCH improved look and feel
  8. 360 feedback
  9. Overhaul of how the paid time off system works

As you explore the new design and the new features please do let us know if anything is not working as you would expect or doesn’t make sense – it is only through the feedback of our users that we have gotten to where we are today and it is only with your feedback that we will continue to evolve and develop.