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What have we been up to for the last few weeks?

By 10/06/2013June 22nd, 2021Natural HR
NB Busy

It has been a very busy few months for us at Natural HR – a few weeks ago we moved our whole application to a new scalable cloud hosting platform to address some performance issues clients had been experiencing especially during the middle of the day in UK.

We think the results speak for themselves – everything runs much quicker and smoother and we really hope you are seeing the difference (if not, please do let us know as we can only fix things if we know about them)

But what else have we been doing? Well, we have lots and lots of new things about to be launched.

Some of the more observant amongst you may have noticed that we have launched a beta of the long-awaited internationalisation feature – we have added timezones, date formats and languages! These are still in development and we are ironing out a few bugs with some test clients but we are very excited about what this gives us moving forward.

Additionally, we are working on a lot of new features in our development environment which should be ready inside the next few weeks. The main thing is a complete overhaul of the time off module. We have heard you loud and clear and have listened so we are almost ready to go live with the new version including allowing you to use any time off type to deduct holiday (so for those who want to call it something other than Paid Time Off – this is for you!), time off in lieu linked to timesheets, different time off rules for different sites and, last but not least, time off in hours as well as days! The last one is the one which we are still working on but we hope to be there really soon!

As well as that, we have also added Google Calendar support for the main company calendar plus we have “fixed” the tabs in Employee Add and Employee Edit so you can click and move through the tabs without needing to click next as well as adding a feature to allow employees using timesheets to work over midnight without getting errors, option to make company holidays mandatory and more!

We may have been quiet for the last few months but we have been busy, busy, busy and we cannot wait to launch the new features and, as always, we would love your thoughts and feedback.