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Why cloud HR software beats on-premise HR software hands down

By 20/07/2013April 9th, 2022Technology
NB Cloud HR software

As people become more and more aware of what cloud (or Saas or hosted or web-based or online…) software means we often get asked why cloud HR software is “better” than traditional on-premise HR software which you install on a server in your data centre or in your cupboard or under your desk?

First off the cloud in itself does not guarantee “better” software but some of the big advantages of cloud HR software over on-premise HR software are:

  1. You don’t need to invest in any capital outlay – no servers, no storage, no operating system licenses or other software. All you need is a browser and an internet connection.
  2. You don’t need to worry about the performance, uptime, scalability etc of the solution
  3. You don’t need to worry about backups and security of data

Those are pretty obvious to most – we take care of all the behind the scenes stuff and make sure the product works and is available and is secure and so on. But what other benefit do you get?

Let me give you an example to highlight one of the biggest yet often overlooked benefits of cloud technology. At this point, I should say this benefit does not automatically come with cloud software – it depends a lot on the company who develop and manage the cloud solution.

We got contacted earlier this week by a client – she was adding employees and she was getting a little frustrated. She logged a ticket with us and asked us why every time she added an employee using the Quick Add function did she then have to go somewhere else to enter their work email address which is a prerequisite to being able to add that employee for self-service access? Good question! So why did she have to do that? Well, simple really – we just never thought of it being a problem!

Now, what is the benefit? Well, the customer had a problem and she contacted us – first off, the ticket was responded to within just over 4 hours (our average is currently 54 MINUTES but this one was logged at 2am UK time!). The benefit then was that within 108 minutes (under 2 hours!) we had rolled out the ability to do just that.

Later in the week, another client and another annoying little quirk – when adding a new employee if a user had forgotten to add the correct department or job role etc they needed to go out of the employee form (losing the data!) and add the department etc and then come back into the employee form and start again! Pretty silly, huh? Result? Within 12 hours we had written, tested and deployed the ability to add new departments, job titles, job statuses, and locations without leaving the form and without losing the data already entered.

So what is the crux of the real benefit of the cloud? Speed of deployment either of new features or feature enhancements or bug fixes (yes, cloud software still has a few bugs here and there!) Traditional on-premise software just cannot compete – even if the company develops the fix or feature quickly as they do not control the hardware or operating system the software runs on the testing effort is huge and then, even when testing is done, they have to notify their clients, physically get the patch or update to them and then the customer has to install it! Is that really the future of IT?

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