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What is coming next for Natural HR?

By 20/11/2013April 8th, 2022Natural HR, Technology
NB Next

Over the last few months, we have been working hard on new features for Natural HR and we wanted to share some of these with you. The main headline features currently in development are:

Custom reporting

The ability to allow you to build your own reports or charts from scratch plus you can save them or email them including scheduled emails – every day, every week etc

For each report you can choose the fields to include or exclude, the order of the fields, sorting, filtering, grouping and so on – below is an example of a grid/table report

When the report or chart is then created you can then choose to email it straight away, save it whereupon it is then populated on the first screen under saved reports or you can create a distribution schedule like the below – in this example the report will be sent every day at 8am from 20 November 2011 to 21st December 2029 and will be sent to and

Customisable dashboard

On the home page currently, the layout is fairly fixed – you can turn on and off a few things but the information which is shown is static and is set by us. We are going to be adding a totally customisable drag and drop dashboard where you can choose which reports, charts, data points etc you want to display plus the layout of these so everytime you log in you can see the pertinent information most important to you.

The below example shows a demo dashboard which shows a few charts and also info boxes showing how many authorised and unauthorised absences there is each day when you log in. You can drag items around the dashboard as well as taking them on or off completely.

Bespoke forms

In the current version of Natural HR, there is no way for clients to create their own forms for things like performance reviews. Do we have a flexible review form created which can be used but what if you want a totally bespoke form for your specific needs? Our new form builder will allow you to do this!

Firstly you create a form and choose which job roles it applies to so you can have different forms for different jobs.

Next, you can then start building the form choosing from various field types like employees list, scores of 1 to 10, Yes/No, open text and you can even create your own lists if these don’t specifically match your needs. You can add text and instructions to the form, make individual fields mandatory and each field can be dragged around to be reordered

Finally, when completed and published the form then looks exactly like any other form but it is YOUR FORM with the fields and content you need!

Expense reporting with receipt uploading and dual approval

The final major thing we are working on currently is expense reporting. We don’t have any screenshots to share yet but it will allow your employees via Self Service to enter their expenses which are then routed to their manager and then a finance person/admin for additional approval. You can define as many expenses categories and currencies as you wish so you can report to a granular level on where expense spending is greatest and so on and, if you opt to turn it on, you can also let them upload receipts via the system so there is no need to get them to send paper copies.