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Dawn of a new era

By 20/10/2014November 17th, 2021Natural HR
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Since Natural HR started in 2010 we have constantly been amazed by the uptake and growth of the platform. Initially designed to meet an inhouse need and then launched as a free HR system for small UK businesses, the system user base and feature set has grown at an exponential rate – when we look back now it is unrecognisable.

To put some context around this, we launched in September 2010. By the end of June 2011 we had 48 clients (average of 5 per month) – in the following 12 months we rose to 536 accounts (now averaging 40 per month). Jump forward to today and we are now averaging 900 signups per month and have clients in 191 countries including some countries I have never heard of! We have over 11,000 clients and our growth is rocketing.

Around 12 months ago we started planning the launch of premium versions of Natural HR and today we are pleased to announce the launch of our first premium offering.

As our original reason for launching Natural HR was to offer free HR software for small businesses we are offering our Core version which is designed for small owner managed businesses who really just want an electronic filing cabinet to replace using paper for everything at no cost. There isn’t any user limit on the version but we anticipate it being mainly of interest to businesses with less than 20 employees.

For larger businesses or those with more complex requirements, we now have launched our Professional version – this version adds some key functionality enhancements like Self Service, Recruitment, Auditing and a Form builder to allow you to customise your performance management process etc. In the early part of next year we will be launching an additional premium version with some really cool new features – watch this space!