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HR Dashboard for SMEs

By 28/05/2015June 22nd, 2021Natural HR, Technology
HR Dashboard for SMEs

Big data, HR metrics, HR analytics – not a day goes by without one of these terms being mentioned in some shape or form on social media platforms. In fact, CIPD goes as far as considering big data to be a “must-have” capability in HR. For large employers with masses of data, there is definitely a need to be able to aggregate vast amounts of information in order to analyse workforce trends, but, do smaller organisations with lesser data need the same capabilities?

We think simplicity is key for smaller businesses when looking at their HR data, which is why we have a simple HR dashboard on the homepage of Natural HR to provide live snapshots of what’s happening in your organisation now. The dashboard also adapts to your current user level so an HR user will see data for the whole company whilst a manager will only see data for their employees.

You can control what information is displayed on your dashboard to include as much or as little as your require and drag them around so locate them wherever works best for you. Additionally, you can also colour code the elements you want to group together to help you quickly see the information you need to know.

We also offer a comprehensive HR reporting module so that you can get a full view of the data collected within your organisation. Whether it’s the core HR elements of your employee information or the financial side of your data – from salary costs through to expenses, all areas are covered. To arrange a demo and take a look at how our HR Dashboard and Reporting can help with your data, please click on the button below.

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Natural HR is a cloud-based HR software company for growing businesses with 100+ employees. Since launching in 2010, we’ve been building a comprehensive suite of HR functionality that equips the small to medium-sized enterprise with everything needed to build an effective and efficient HR operation.