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Updated Employee Card

By 27/07/2015June 22nd, 2021Absence Management, Natural HR
employee cards

We recently asked for your feedback on the Employee Card and we’re pleased to show off our more user-friendly and data-driven version which is what you asked for!

Starting from the left-hand side, below the employee photo, you now have the option to email or call your employees from the touch of a button – great if you’re offsite using a mobile device.

The green triangle near the top of the card (or below the grey section on a mobile device) indicates that the employee is in the office and will change to red if they are on leave or absent.

Key information is still included but is now located in the middle of the card and any of the fields can be removed if you would rather have them contained just within the file itself.

Additionally two new fields have been added based on your feedback:

  1. Contract end date which will be useful if you have employees on fixed-term contracts, and
  2. Hours per week which shows the total number of contracted hours per week.

Please note, the National Insurance field will be changed to Social Security Number, Tax ID Number etc, according to your localisation settings.

Each employee’s time off allowance is now displayed as a donut chart so that you can quickly gauge how much leave has already been taken, booked as well as how much is left for the employee to take when you hover over the chart.

If you use the Bradford Factor you’ll be pleased to see that we have now made the scoring more noticeable. We have also added the number of instances the employee has been absent as well as the total number of days this amounts to.

Another addition which will help as part of your absence management toolkit is the unauthorised absence heatmap. The map is based on the employees normal working days and is colour coded showing unauthorised absence patterns. Red indicates the day(s) taken off most often, with amber being days that are quite frequent and green representing less problematic days. An exact figure for the total number of instances can be shown for each day by hovering over it.

Lastly, below the Employee Card is the addition of an Export button. You can now save the overview of the Employee Card locally or print a paper copy.

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