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It’s holiday time! Do you have an Approver in place?

By 30/07/2015June 22nd, 2021Natural HR
holiday approval

HR systems are great at simplifying processes but they still depend on your staff being at the other end to action requests. In Natural HR your Managers are notified via email and when they log in to the system of any requests made by their employees. This might include a request for annual leave or a timesheet requiring approval ahead of payroll being processed. Additionally, the Account Administrator and HR can see all outstanding requests from every employee in their workflow on their main dashboard and action them.

However, during the summer months and peak holiday times it might be that your Managers and Account Administrator are off on leave at the same time, so rather than leave your employees waiting you can set up an Approver.

What is an Approver?

An Approver has the authorisation to action employee requests, so you might choose the Manager of the Sales department to act as an Approver for employees in the Marketing department.

Crucially, to help enforce data protection policies, the Approver will not see the employees when they log in to the system, nor will they have access to any of their information. The Approver will simply receive an email notification of the employee’s request which will also appear in their workflow within the system and can be actioned accordingly. This means you are only giving access to employee data to those that need to have it, but still have the flexibility to accommodate your employee’s needs.

If you do require your Approver to have some access to additional information such as Reports, you can set this up under Company > Reporting permissions where you can select the Reports that your enhanced access level users can view.

You probably wouldn’t expect your customers to have to wait around whilst your staff are on leave or off sick, so why not treat your employees with the same level of excellent service?

Find out more about the different access levels we offer.

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