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Improved Branding for Recruitment

By 25/08/2015January 11th, 2022Recruitment
branding for recruitment

We have recently added additional customisation and more fonts to our job listing configuration within our Recruitment module. Under Recruitment > Settings > List page settings, you can now take more control over the look and feel of the vacancies you are advertising on your website, meaning that adverts will be more in keeping with your corporate branding.

It might be useful to sit down with your marketing team or whoever looks after your company website to set up your fonts, sizes, colours and spacing to get the right look for your website. It’s a one-off task as once you have tweaked your settings they will be retained for all future vacancies.

Here are a few examples of how we have configured the settings on different websites so that job listings fit seamlessly in with the company website. The actual job itself is the same job but displayed with a different background, screen size, colours, fonts, font sizes and more.

Embedding your jobs page is as simple as copying and pasting the URL into your existing website. You can instantly show all of your current listings and allow candidates to apply online from your website directly into your candidate’s database within Natural HR.

You can then manage the life cycle of that candidate with automation for things such as interviews, offers and rejections. You can also convert a successful candidate to an employee with a few clicks bringing across all the information captured during the recruitment process such as CV, documents, notes and more.