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Social Media Snooping: It Works Both Ways

By 02/10/2015November 17th, 2021Human Resources, Recruitment
social media snooping

Earlier this week I was asked on Twitter if I would recommend that recruiters use social media to evaluate prospects. As employers and recruiters have embraced social media as a tool in their recruitment strategy it has become more acceptable to view candidate profiles. However, ethics and legalities have always been called into question on the topic and best practice recommends to draw a distinction between professional and personal profiles, as well as let candidates know in advance. The CIPD even has a publication, Pre-employment checks: an employer’s guide which devotes a whole section to social media in recruitment. The guide contains tips on how to stay on the right side of the law, especially around discrimination and data protection and other good principles to bear in mind.

It’s very easy to think that social media snooping is something which only takes place by recruiters to candidates, but also this week we have seen a call for CEO’s to get better at raising their social media profiles to attract talent.

In an article published on Recruitment Grapevine regarding C-suite social media profiles, Adam Gordon (MD of Social Media Search) is quoted as saying “Most people will look at their profile on social media before coming in for an interview. A great profile is going to inspire the very best candidates. That is going to give them more opportunities to hire the best people.

I admit that checking out the profiles of both recruiters and business leaders is something I have done in the past ahead of an interview, so I can see where Gordon is coming from. I thought the article was a great reminder that the recruitment process is a two way process – and this applies to social media platforms too!

When businesses use social media to recruit they tend to focus on their company profiles and pages, but employer branding doesn’t just stop here. It extends to other sources of information potential candidates might come across about your business, especially the social media profiles of your CEO and leaders, so get them on board and help spruce up their profiles, or your own.


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