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Update on browser support

By 26/10/2015November 17th, 2021Security
browser support

Effective immediately, we are updating our supported browsers list to reflect changes made as a result of PCI DSS 3.1. PCI DSS stands for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard and is a standard to which we comply as we process card payments online as well being recognised as a best practice for internet security including sites using https.

Under PCI, this is a requirement for “strong cryptography” and, as of PCI 3.1, this means sites must use TLS 1.2 and can no longer use SSL 3.0 and early TLS. Read more here.

The result of these changes is that older browsers which do not support TLS 1.2 will no longer be able to access our secure site ( Whilst we realise this may be an inconvenience, this is the right thing for us to do in terms of keeping your data secure.

Whilst not definitive, below is a list of common browsers and browser versions and the earliest version which supports TLS 1.2:

  • Chrome v30 and above
  • Android Browser 5.0 and above
  • Firefox v27 and above
  • IE 11 and above
  • IE 8-10, Windows 7 and above only – TLS 1.2 is disabled by default and needs to be enabled. You can enable TLS 1.2 under Settings/Internet Options/Advanced and scroll to the bottom and tick TLS 1.2. If you are using group policies then you may not be able to make this change yourself in which case you should contact your IT department.
  • Opera 17 and above
  • Apple Safari v7 and above on OSX 10.9 and above
  • IOS Safari v5 and above
  • Windows Safari – no support

If your browser is older than the above then you are unlikely to be able to connect and use Natural HR and will either need to update your browser or use an alternative, supported browser.