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How many innovative ideas are you missing each year?

By 17/11/2015November 17th, 2021Human Resources, Natural HR
innovative ideas

Research from part of the EveryDay Innovation 2015 report has found that over the space of a year, the average UK employee puts forward 6 innovative suggestions to improve their business. Unfortunately, the report also shows that 65% of employees do not feel enough is being done to encourage them to put their ideas forward, further than 57% do not feel suggestions are being sufficiently captured and recognised.

Take a company with 50 employees, that’s 300 innovative ideas each year! These are ideas that could make your business more efficient, your employees more engaged and your customers more satisfied.

At Natural HR we love feedback, it’s how we were created and have expanded, so it makes sense that our software allows you to capture your employees’ ideas.

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.”
– Steve Jobs

Employee Suggestions

Within Natural HR, your employees can submit their innovative ideas and suggestions to improve any aspect of working life via their self-service portal. For example, your employees might want to let you know that their canteen could do with being updated to provide a nicer environment, or they might want to put forward a more efficient way of processing customer orders. The employee can choose whether to submit their ideas anonymously or put their name to them so you are more likely to get meaningful and honest suggestions where employees have the choice.

Your employees’ ideas will never be missed and as an Administrator or HR you can view them and take the appropriate action to implement better ways of doing things. Book a free demo today to see how simple it is for your company to capture employee suggestions.

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