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1 in 5 workers request “peternity” leave

By 25/04/2016June 22nd, 2021HR News

New research has shown that 20% of people actually request time off from their workplace when they get a new pet.

This comes from a survey from the pet insurance provider, Petplan. They also found that 5% of new pet owners in the UK have actually been offered time off work by their employers when they get a new pet.

The first major company to introduce this policy was Mars Petcare, producers of many name brand chocolates, drinks and pet food which you’ll recognise. They allow employees, 10 hours paid leave when they get a new pet and even the chance to bring their pet into work so their owner isn’t under any stress or worry in the workplace.

Similar to how paternity and maternity leave work, the workers are given time off separate from any holiday allowance they have.

Many see this as barking mad but a lot of pets need to be trained or socialised in the early stages of their lives and develop a bond with their owners. It also is helpful for any vet appointments you may need to make with young animals.

Our software can accommodate any “peternity leave” in our timeoff management system.

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