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How does the gender pay gap affect employees with children?

By 25/04/2016June 22nd, 2021HR News
gender pay gap

It looks like having children helps your career… if you’re a man. According to the TUC, men are likely to earn more after they have children, whereas women are likely to earn less.

The research found that fathers in full time work earn 21% more than male staff who do not have children. However, the picture is bleak for women. The same survey found that full time working mothers will earn 7% less than their female counterparts who do not have kids.

Why is it that despite all the anti-discriminatory laws we have put in place, stats show that women still receive a raw deal in workplace equality? Well, the same survey found that over 25% of employers thought it was ok to ask women about their plans to have children, despite this question being illegal to ask during a recruitment process.

A similar study by the Equality and Human Rights Commission and Department for Business, Innovation and skills (BIS) found that 77% of pregnant women and new mothers felt that they had experienced discrimination in the office.

There is also proof that the gender pay gap exists for those without children; finding that women without children earn 12% less than child-less men in the same roles.

TUC general secretary Frances O’Grady put out a statement saying: “men with children are seen as more committed by employers, while mothers are still often treated as liabilities.”

The research was carried out with an analysis of the 17,000 42-year-olds in full time employment.

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