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Doctors warn us we may be killing ourselves at work

By 03/05/2016June 22nd, 2021Health and Safety, HR News
Doctors warning

The World Health Organisation has called inactivity a “modern-day crisis” which leads has been identified as the 4th leading risk factor for deaths – causing an estimated 3.2 million deaths worldwide.

Worryingly, this looks like it affects the majority of us as research by Westfield Health has shown that 60% of British workers spend the majority of their day sat down. From the same survey, it seems that 55% of us spend less than 20 minutes of walking per day and 51% of us only ever leave our desks for lunch or the bathroom.

As a manager, it goes without saying that you should be invested in the health of your employees. Research has shown that healthier employees create a more efficient and blissful workforce. So How are getting your employees up?

Many offices now have a short yoga session available for all staff. Yoga is not intense enough to cause employees to break into buckets of sweat but the stretching and breathing exercises can; benefit on the cardiovascular system, weight loss, higher muscle strength and tone, protection from injury and helps balance metabolism. As well as the ways we have already listed, yoga is a great way to combat stress.

There’s also the option of introducing standing desks. When set up correctly, they can improve posture, metabolism and strengthen key muscles groups in the back and legs. Many managers and HR people who do introduce standing desks make the mistake of not also purchasing a gel mat to disperse pressure away from the feet of the person using the desk.