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Bank offers staff sex-change surgery to help LGBT friendly workplace.

By 06/05/2016April 8th, 2022HR News

Lloyds Banking Group is adding gender reassignment to their private health insurance scheme.

This is the first company in the UK to offer their staff this kind of benefit. Their official statement said: “The health and wellbeing of all our colleagues is of utmost importance to the group and we are committed to providing them with increasing and inclusive support.”

Lloyds Banking Group, part of the conglomerate that owns Lloyds Bank, Halifax, Bank of Scotland and Scottish Widows, are a partner of Stonewall: the UK’s largest LGBT rights charity.


The surgery will be completed by Bupa and is available to any of their UK based staff in order to help create a more LGBT friendly workplace.

Karin Cook, Lloyds Banking Group Director of Operations, said to PinkNews: “We want to be inclusive to all colleagues and we felt that our current healthcare provision was excluding certain conditions which were very important to people, particularly in the support for some of the mental health issues that colleagues suffer. So it was essential that we were able to extend that to cover to people with gender dysphoria.”

The vast majority of the treatments offered by the NHS for transgender people are psychological rather than surgical and very few going through transition actually get the chance to get surgery.

In terms of accommodation to gender dysphoria, LBG is one of the forerunners in the world, last year announcing that they will streamline the process by which genders are recorded on a customer’s bank account. This allows customers to choose which gender they want to display on their bank account rather than their legal birth gender.

As well as being the right thing to do, making your company as inclusive as possible and a great environment for everyone to work, attracts the best candidates to your business and we have a feeling that many major businesses are about to duplicate what Lloyds Banking Group have done.