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Wormwood Scrubs strike: staff of infamous prison feel unsafe

By 06/05/2016April 8th, 2022HR News
wormwood scrubs strike

Employees of Britain’s most infamous prison have walked out today after feeling “unsafe”.

Wormwoods Scrubs prison has incarcerated notable people such as; Charles Bronson, moors murderer – Ian Brady, and many IRA militants.

The unforeseen strike action seemed to happen without out much warning and is said to be because the prison staff do not feel that their employers are doing enough to protect them.

The ‘health & safety’ concerns seem to be on procedures with working with the inmates, many of which are jailed for serious violent offences.

The Wormwoods Scrubs strike is not only because of the constant threat of violence but also, the hygiene conditions of the prison. A recent investigation by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Prisons called the jail “filthy” and “unsafe”.

A post on the Facebook page “Know The Danger”, a page dedicated to highlighting the everyday dangers faced by prison staff, said:

“Colleagues at Wormwood Scrubs withdrawing their labour due to H&S today;

Violence, spice & assaults are all taking their toll on staff safety and enough is enough!”

Her Majesty’s Prison Service have not yet made a statement.