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Boss spends £5 million to give 2,500 staff free holiday

By 09/05/2016June 22nd, 2021HR News
free staff holiday

A Chinese tycoon has spent £5 million out of his own pocket to take thousands of his staff on a free holiday to Spain. The trip will include sight-seeing expeditions to Barcelona, Madrid and Toledo.

The expense of the holiday includes the 20 planes, 1,650 hotel rooms, 70 coaches, 4 private trains, 5-star restaurants and a private tour of Madrid Palace.

Li Jinyuan, is seen as one of the most influential entrepreneurs in China with a string of businesses including; Chinese medicine, tea and & coffee, property, biotechnology, finance, tourism and international exporting. He is estimated to be worth at least £3.6 billion.

Li Jinyuan, the 33rd richest man in China, has a bit of a reputation when it comes to lavishly treating his staff. Last year he also took many of his staff and their families to a four-day trip of France.

The businessman who came from a working-class background and started work at the age of 16 said he believed that “happiness” and “gratitude” are the keys to success. We’re pretty sure his staff may know a thing or two about gratitude.

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