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What does HR software do and will it take my job?

By 12/05/2016June 22nd, 2021Technology
HR Software

As technology develops and new inventions appear, there always seems to be two ever-present themes; innovation and simplicity to do things for yourself.

One of the other things that’s associated with new technology is the skills it renders obsolete. Just as self-service checkouts, factory machines and automated phone messages replaced the jobs of many.

So it’s only natural that one of the most common questions asked at conferences is if technology will take the jobs of current HR, management and recruitment staff.

In the same way that the invention of the sat-nav aids the taxi drivers rather than replaces them. A cloud HR system is something which is embedded within your HR department in order to assist and give you the chance to make your workplace a more effective environment.

Your vacation request form has joined your Walkman, VHS player and a flip phone.

It’s old technology and it’s not coming back. Here’s your chance to make a decision – do you stand still and reminisce or take initiative and continue growing? All trends suggest the future of business is establishing an “employee self-service culture” in which staff can make requests directly to your computer without long drawn out processes or forms.

Anyway, we digress, back to the question – will HR software replace you in your role?

HR is one of the most interesting and exciting roles you can have in your business. You’re in charge of shaping the employee experience and the culture of your environment. You are regulating the future of the workplace. As well as being methodical and tactical, it is also a very emotive role which requires interpersonal skills and empathy for your colleagues. As well-designed and innovative as our cloud HR software is – we don’t do that.

Big data, algorithms and employee management software don’t, either. Simply because they do not have the tactical judgement, compassion, nous or leadership to make the decisions you do.

The fact of the matter is; technology doesn’t replace the roles of management because it needs management. However, this is a two-way street. Any HR department without HR software will never be as efficient as they can be. The key decisions should be driven by HR reporting and data which show insight in your workforce.

As a society, we’re stepping into DIY culture and employee self-service is part of that. Technology and, in particular, HR tech makes a manager’s job easier by evaluating what works and what doesn’t. It can be used to free up time in HR to focus on strategy and developing new policies to make your company a better place.