What is Employee Relations?

By 13/05/2016 March 17th, 2021 Employee Relations, Management
employee relations

The employee relations definition is pretty simple yet very multifaceted.

Simply speaking when people in HR ask “what are/what is ‘employee relations?”, the chances are they are already doing it.

Employee relations is your company’s structure of managing the rapport between the bosses and the staff.

“Well in that case, what is the difference between HR and employee relations?”

That’s an easy one, employee relations are just one facet in the role of HR.

HR is an umbrella term which includes tasks such as payroll, updating employee databases and many more responsibilities – one of these being managing ER.

Our knowledge of how important ER is has helped us shape how we make our HR software. Features such as letting an employee clearly keep track of their staff benefits and tools to let their workers get to know more about them are all in place to create a happier workplace.

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