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How to improve your hiring process using recruitment software

By 16/05/2016April 9th, 2022Recruitment
how to improve your hiring process

The recruitment process can be a gruelling task, full of tedium and disappointment. Shouldn’t it be an inspiring time? Bringing fresh blood into your team should be something which is exciting.

Often it doesn’t play out that way so here are 5 tips on how you can use recruitment software to revitalise your hiring procedure.

Log everything

This point has been added first because it is vital to the others. The right candidates can often be like London buses when you need one – often none will show, often two will at the same time.

When outstanding candidates are competing for one role – deciding who to pick can be excruciating and all come down to tiny details. Make sure you log every single detail about applicants; strengths, weaknesses, personality traits etc.

Our recruitment software allows you to add the applicants to the system add notes to each person to help distinguish them from the rest and make this process easier.

Use questions that evoke genuine responses.

We’ve all been candidates ourselves. According to Forbes, the average worker will attend 12 job interviews in their lifetime. If you ask a cliché question such as “what is your biggest weakness?” the chances are you’ll get a cliché pre-rehearsed answer and nobody ends up benefitting from this.

Try to word your questions which cause candidates to really think about their answer. Instead, why don’t you try “what’s the biggest misconception you’ve found people have of you?”

Questions like this are more likely to prompt more earnest thoughts and answers from a candidate and not only do you find out about what they are like professionally but you can gauge what they are like as a person.

Don’t be afraid to be cynical

The reason we tell hiring managers to write down and record every detail about an interview is that sometimes you can read between the lines.

To be in the position of management, evaluating people is an essential skill.

What a candidate is saying and what it actually means can be two different things.

Often the best way to gauge is asking them a question about a situation in their past when things went wrong – is their first reaction to blame someone else, did they a learn from it? How much control do they take in a crisis?

All of this can give you an idea of the candidate you are talking to and should be recorded in the notes section of our recruitment software.

Do they understand how to be successful?

There’s the obvious minutiae of the job you’ve posted and what responsibilities you are asking someone to do but are they aware of the other attributes are required to be a success at it? Do they understand the philosophy and the culture of your business?

Unless it is an internal candidate, the chances are they won’t be able to know what the culture of your particular team is but with the correct research, a good candidate will understand the philosophy of your company.

Feel free to ask them about it – “what part of our company culture excites you the most?” or even better; “have you ever been in a poor working environment? What made it a bad place to work?”. Always evaluating the answers and always adding notes to their section in our recruitment software.

“A good bird on Sunday will still be a good bird on Tuesday night”

To understand this phrase, you’re going to have to let me digress; to this day, my grandmother has a freezer full of containers with roast dinners in them. Perhaps it’s a generational thing which I’ll never be able to fully grasp. One day, my younger sister and I counted and realised that there were easily over 30 servings of some form of chicken dinners in this freezer. When we questioned my grandmother on her obsession, she replied;

“A good bird on Sunday will still be a good bird on Tuesday night”.

As zany as this sounds, it oddly makes sense and is very relevant to recruitment. If there is the right candidate but just at the wrong time, why wouldn’t you just wait until the time is right? Our recruitment software gives you the option to keep a candidate on file in case there is a role that is right for them at the right time.

Disclaimer: I’d advise to never compare a candidate to leftover turkey roast.

Now you’ve read this and are ready to put these tactics into motion and see the results for yourself, feel free request a demo.

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