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The perfect personality – does your HR toolkit contain all of these?

By 19/05/2016April 9th, 2022Employee Wellbeing
hr personality toolkit

HR is an interesting role because it is something which can be trained and the expertise will eventually be learned – but not everyone can be successful in the role.

This is because the role of HR requires specific personality traits that many believe you can’t teach.


A lot of your staff interaction in HR will require you to be able to empathise with whom you’re speaking to. Putting yourself in the shoes of your employees will be key to solving a lot of queries. Are you able to be encouraging and motivate when it is really needed?


There are different perceptions of HR; some will see you as a therapist, others see you as the nagging authority, many see you as the “holder of the tax codes”. Ironically, it is the main HR responsibility which people rarely typecast is the brain that looks at how the business/staff are performing, digests all data and changes strategy to get the best out of the people. This is something that can be aided by technology such as our HR reporting tools.


You have to be strong in your convictions and self-belief in taking the company forward. As discussed above, it can be often misconstrued that HR is a benevolent “nanny” of the workplace but the fact is self-confidence and leadership is a vital attribute for any good HR toolkit. Are you able to put discipline in action when it is needed without being too lenient? </>


This is a vital, yet underrated, HR tool. If an employee trusts anyone in the company, it’s going to be you. Having the reputation of not being trustworthy is not only detrimental to you but could disrupt the balance of the whole business as it is your role to be the hub of morality and trust.

Does your HR toolkit contain all of these? You may be missing out on how to capitalise success in your workplace. Remember if you’d like to try the most functional HR software on the market, book a demo with one of the experts now.

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