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Wigs, duckhouses & pornographic film: why you need expense management

By 20/05/2016April 8th, 2022Expense Management
expenses management

There’s always a standout difference between businesses that grow and those who don’t – innovation. Without an expense management system, your business is being left behind.

There are 3 main arguments for why an expense management system best for business.

Cost reduction

I hate to use clichés but – “time is money”. The longer you spend messing around with receipts, scanners, spreadsheets and fax machines (yes they still exist) the more time and resources you’ve used on something which is a very simple, straightforward task with expense management software.


Expenses can often lead to exploitation of the system. Remember the MPs’ expenses scandal?

For those who don’t remember, in 2009 it was revealed that the UK’s elected Parliamentary representatives were using expenses (taxpayers’ money) to buy items such as; iPods, a pink rocking chair, collectible wigs, duck houses and pornographic films. This was a scandal which saw many resign and some taken to court.

Implementing an expense management system doesn’t necessarily show that you don’t trust your employees, it just protects you from any loopholes that could be taken advantage of.

Employee productivity

Modern HR is all about strategy and having time to develop your own. Having HR professionals sat in front of a desk with a calculator and pen, jotting down the cost of someone’s lunch is not the most efficient use of their expertise.

Our expense management system is often what our clients ask us the most questions on, the quality and efficiency of it is second to none. If you’d like to see for yourself, feel free to book a free demo with us.

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