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What is asset management?

By 26/05/2016May 20th, 2022Technology
Asset Management

You’d be surprised how many people in business still do ask: what is asset management?

Essentially, it is keep tracking of the assets to employees in your company as well as the operating and maintaining of these assets.

One recent tribunal found that an insurance company in London forgot to reclaim a car after the employee it was assigned to, was leaving the team. This was despite his many calls and emails asking how he can return it.

Lack of asset management loses certain businesses thousands of pounds a year. You could point the blame and just accredit it down to carelessness but the truth is, it’s not and without the right tools, it’s very easy to do – apart from the insurance company forgetting about a brand new Mercedes, that’s pretty careless.

Our fully integrated asset management system allows you to define as many asset types as you like, add categories and create your own asset management list, recording information like;

  • Name of Asset
  • Asset tag
  • Serial number
  • Software supplier
  • Cost of purchase
  • PO number
  • Expiry date of any expiry
  • Location of employee
  • Location of hardware
  • Condition of asset
  • Serial number

This leaves no stone unturned and if you’d like to keep track of assets or check if a leaving employee still is in possession of any, you just need to log into our system and find out with a few easy clicks.

It’s as easy as that and gives you more time to focus on being strategic.

If you’d like to try for yourself, feel to book a demo with one of our expert team and test our innovative asset management system today.

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