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5 facts from both sides on how the EU Referendum will affect employees

By 13/06/2016April 9th, 2022HR News

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months, it’s been pretty hard to avoid seeing some sort of news or opinion on the upcoming EU referendum on June 23rd. Polls suggest that a lot of the UK has still not made up their mind regarding the vote and feel that they are subjected to bias scare tactics and propaganda from both sides. Here are facts from both campaigns on how the upcoming referendum will affect employees.

Leave argument

  • When it comes to workers’ rights, the Leave campaigners want to dismiss the idea that leaving the EU would leave UK employees vulnerable and unguarded without EU employment law.
  • Ultimately it should be the UK in charge of this country’s rights and protections. It should not be EU rules governing the operation of the minimum wage, pension arrangements or the skills system.
  • The UK already has major employment rights in our own laws and do not require European Employment laws. Legislation such as; laws on paid holidays and legal holiday requirement was established by UK law and is much more generous to employees than the EU laws.
  • Also, UK legislation is much more generous with maternity and paternity leave.
  • Britain established anti-discrimination acts a very long time ago, including the Race Relations Acts of 1965 and 1968.

Remain argument

  • European Union laws protect workers’ rights, guaranteeing that they can never be cut by any government.
  • The EU has laws which cover paid holiday leave, maximum working hours, gender equality employment laws, rights for part-time workers, health and safety laws, paternity and maternity leave.
  • Some of the strongest Trade Union laws we have in this country, which have helped many employees get a fair deal at work, come from EU legislation.
  • Job security would be up for debate outside the EU, potentially creating years of uncertainty for workers and employers.
  • If we choose to leave the EU and lose all the legislation which comes from EU law, there is no guarantee that this government would integrate any of those laws which protect workers’ rights, into UK law.

Whatever the result is, there is one thing that is guaranteed – the political landscape in the UK will be completely changed by this vote. Make sure you use your vote.