What are the benefits of performance management software?

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The functions in our HR software are specifically designed to ensure you can get the best out of your staff and save time while doing so. Performance management software is the perfect example of this.

Everything we do is designed to help with; communication, organisation and optimisation. These 3 factors have all been carefully considered when developing our HR software. Just as with these features in our performance management software:


Reviews are an essential part of the management process. How often they are conducted is up to you, but the most important thing you must do is to make sure that everything recorded in the review is always stored on the employee file.

There’s a common running theme with our HR software – we eliminate the need for large amounts of paperwork and also save you a lot of time.

The inbuilt forms in our Reviews feature allow you to score an employee on things like; attendance, attitude, punctuality and more. However, you can create your own custom questions which are more specific to your company and the role of the employee.

You can build as many performance review forms as you like and even link them together if necessary. Your form can ask for numerical scores, yes/no answers or longer, open answers.

As a manager, you can schedule a review and your staff with be given reminders of the review date and time. It will also appear on their calendar when they log in. If you’d like to have them consistently so you can gauge and compare progress, our system lets you schedule a reoccurring review, whether that’s every 3 or 6 months.


With functions such as the Goals feature, you can not only make your common targets visible for both, you and the employee, but you can both give updates on this target with a few easy clicks. Giving (realistic) targets and goals frequently will keep your staff on their toes and motivated.

In this function, the employee just simply has to log into our HR software and they can have a checklist of their goals on their screen. They can change the status of the goals to let their manager know what the progress of the target is and can even add their own notes for everyone to see.

Specific tailor-made programs

When targets are not met, this is when your management skills are really tested. How you react to this and your next course of action really say a lot about you as a leader. One option is to put your employee on a specific program which monitors their performance when they have been underperforming or not hitting targets. This way you can carefully track all progress and productivity by the employee.

Our performance management software does not tell you if your employees have been successful or not, that is your call as a manager. What it does do is take all the information on your staff and present it in a way which highlights where or when performance has dropped, saving you time in the long run.

360 feedback

Yes, you read that correctly, 360 reviews are an effective tool to track performance. Remember, HR is all about reviewing your current strategy and seeing how you can improve it in the future. A 360 feedback review can give you a clear picture of the dynamic between your staff.

In our performance management software, you can send 360 requests to anyone in your company asking them to provide feedback on other members of staff. You can set an expiry date on the request and when completed, run a report which lists all the feedback an employee has been given.

Our HR software is the most functional on the market and key features like this are why so many businesses trust us. If you’d like to see for yourself, you can book a free demo.

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