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August Release: New HR Software Features

By 09/08/2016June 22nd, 2021Natural HR, Technology

At the end of August, we will be updating Natural HR with a refreshed template and some exciting new features. The fundamentals of the system will remain the same but our sleek new look will make the system easier to navigate and even more mobile friendly for all users.

New features and changes being made to all premium versions (Starter, Professional and Enterprise) include:

Announcements and Workflow

Following customer feedback we have made company Announcements, such as new policies and procedures or upcoming events more prominent and they will now feature on the right-hand-side of every page. Additionally, the Workflow will be included below Announcements for users who action employee requests such as approving holiday requests or timesheets.

HR Ticketing

Just as you can open a support ticket with us when you would like some help, we’ve added a similar ability into Natural HR so that your employees can open an HR ticket with you when they have any HR questions. Our HR Ticketing System enables you to provide a customer-focused service delivery. Whether it’s a query about holiday allowances or a Line Manager who needs your advice, all of your employees will be able to submit and keep track of their queries. At the same time your HR team can keep on top of questions and share the workload from one mailbox.

In addition to the above features, Professional plans will have the following new features added:


In our Professional and Enterprise versions of the system you will now be able to define competencies for every role in your company. Each competency will be scored from 1 – 5 (low to high) depending on what you require to be demonstrated for the role. As part of performance reviews, Manager will be able to rate their employees on each competency and the system will produce a spider chart displaying the required competencies and the level currently obtained by the employee – the benefit for HR and Training Managers is that you’ll quickly be able to identify development gaps in your workforce.

That’s not all, as well as those mentioned above we have even more features coming to our Enterprise version:

Company values

You can optionally add your companies vision, mission and values to be displayed on the homepage of the Employee Self-Service portal – everyone will see them every time they log in as we want to support you in shaping your own organisational culture!


Employees can now create their own profiles to share professional information, personal hobbies and interests as well as add their own profile photo’s to save Admin a job (if you choose to allow you employees to do this). This will also link to our Social Stream so posters will now have their image shown and a link to their profiles. Employees will also be able to see their team – great for new hires coming into your company and being able to put a face to a name.

9 box performance grid

HR will now be able to benefit from a quick visual overview of how the workforce is performing against their potential with our new 9 box performance grid which is linked to employee performance reviews. Do you know if you have employees with high potential but are performing low? Or employees with high potential but are just showing effective levels of performance? Depending on where your employee’s fall in the grid you’ll be able to use your HR expertise to help those who could do with some extra motivation and training, or those who look like they could be heading down the poor performance path.

It’s an exciting time for us at Natural HR and we are continuing to work on further features to be released over the next few months including some true industry changing features which we hope to be able to announce in the next few months which will truly shake up the SME HR software industry – watch this space!

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