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NEW HRIS FUNCTIONALITY – Employee Risk Management Matrix

By 01/09/2017September 20th, 2021HR Software, Natural HR, New Functionality

Yesterday, Natural HR customers were given a sneak peek of our new Employee Risk Management Matrix as part of an exclusive customer training webinar on training.

Natural HR is at the forefront of user lead design, and we are always listening and learning from our customers to develop and enhance our functionality.

From listening to our customers’ feedback, we identified a need for customers to be able to visualise and report on risks across their business relating to employee documentation and training.

What is the Employee Risk Management Matrix?

Our newly developed HRIS feature gives companies the ability to see at a glance if and when their workforce is compliant in certain areas required to do their role.

The feature allows each business to define required, and/or legislative training and documentation for each job role and easily report on and identify both individual employees and company wide risk. The Employee Risk Management Matrix will highlight who is in and out of compliance with those requirements defined by the administrator and can include scenarios where the training or document is missing completely, has expired or is due to expire in the next three months.

What does an Employee Risk Management Matrix look like?

Our newly added feature will show a simple traffic light system using Red, Amber and Green to highlight what documentation, training courses, certifications, and registrations employees need to retake, are overdue or are current. This will support your business to plan courses effectively around compliance and ensure all training and documentation requirements are adhered to and kept up to date.

Why is an Employee Risk Management Matrix important?

This new important feature will allow companies to forecast training needs and requirements prior to expiry and ensure their organisation is compliant for a number of legislative reasons including; health and safety, insurance requirements, external bodies, internal governance, auditors and more.

Who will benefit using the new Employee Risk Management Matrix?

All companies can benefit. This can be used for simple requirements such as ensuring you always have valid, up to date right to work information for your workforce through to those companies who have specific Health and Safety legislation which applies to them such as catering and hospitality, and organisations that are heavily regulated including those in the medical sectors that require ongoing certifications to practice.

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