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4 ways to perfect employer branding

By 19/11/2019June 22nd, 2021Employer Branding
employer branding

Employer branding has been cited as one of the most important parts of attracting talent in recent research by Gartner. Driving engagement amongst potential candidates and future hires on social media, corporate website, blogs and by word of mouth can mean your company stands out in a sea of firms competing for the best talent in what is now an employee’s market rather than an employer’s market.

A report by Oleeo found that small and medium businesses can waste upwards of £125,000 a year on failed recruitment.

So how can you refine and perfect your employer branding and ensure that every hire is the right hire?

Mirror your wider business values

A good employer brand is one that mirrors your entire business’ values. Projecting an image of a company culture that promotes a flexible, fun working environment when in fact it couldn’t be more different will only sully your rep as an employer.

Make sure your working environment, culture and reputation match your values as a business.  If you pride yourselves on passion and creativity; share exactly how your business lives and breathes these values in your external communications. Whether it’s team outings, hands on workshops with customers or simply your employees getting together over lunch; your company values should be the lifeblood that feeds the culture of your business.

Make recruitment a team sport

Your recruitment and talent attraction shouldn’t just be down to the HR department. Moreover, involve your existing employees to capitalise on HR’s efforts. One of the most powerful resources you have at your disposal as an employer is your existing employees.

Much like people buy from brands they trust; your employees can help to build your brand as an employer, narrating the merits of joining your company to their social networks, friends and family.

Sites like Glassdoor allow your employees to share honest (and anonymous!) feedback on what it is like to work at your company.

Get social

As the next generation enters employment, competing to become their employer of choice will become increasingly challenging.

Research from iCIMS found that 57% of jobseekers use social media to learn more about potential employers during their search and almost half of social media users aged 19-29 used social media to look for a job.

It stands to reason that not only should you make sure you’re present wherever they spend their time online but your social media content should include topics such as your culture, diversity and personal development opportunities.

Master multimedia

We can all sniff out a staged video and stock imagery so let your employees be free in their natural habitat and document the reality of what it’s like to work in your business.

Use videos, photos and real-life testimonials to boost the authenticity of your job adverts. Make sure the tone of voice used in your job descriptions matches your culture and ditch any corporate jargon.