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Five actionable New Year’s resolutions for HR in 2020

Actionable resolutions for HR in 2020

With a new year on the horizon, positivity and optimism beings to spread from person to person. The ‘new year, new me’ mantra gets most people striving to eat healthier, give up bad habits and attempt to conquer the gym. While harmless, if we are all openly honest, none of them actually last.

As HR professionals, the new year presents a perfect opportunity to do the exact opposite. HR is equipped with the unique position of overseeing many aspects of the workplace; it’s the ideal time pull a few loose ends together and set resolutions that can help your HR department run more efficiently throughout the new year.

These resolutions won’t impact your overarching HR strategy, and they won’t eat into too much of your time, but rest assured they will make a notable difference. Without further ado, here are our top five actionable New Year’s resolutions for 2020.

Create a paperless HR department:

According to an alarming statistic by Device Magic, US companies are spending more than $120 billion a year on printing paper forms alone. Eye-watering, right?

The consumption of paper-based processes is evidently taking a toll on a business’s budget, but more importantly, consumes a large proportion of HR’s time. Time which should be invested back into more pressing matters; after all, it’s people over paper.

Unfortunately, a paperless process isn’t going to take place overnight, but with the help of cloud storage, it can happen a lot sooner than you think. Most cloud storage software is compatible with almost any file type, meaning transitioning your jam-packed filing cabinet to your online devices becomes a doddle.

Likewise, to Natural HR’s document management feature, cloud storage is an efficient way to streamline HR admin and store all key documentation in one secure environment.

Attract and retain ‘best-in-class’ talent:

Attracting the best talent has always been one of the leading challenges for HR professionals, and with competition for candidates as fierce as ever, how do you attract the best-in-class talent?

Well, it all lies within an organisation’s internal structure. It’s paramount to build and maintain positive company culture, brand perception and candidate experience. These core elements will not only improve your overall hiring strategy but ensure top candidates are drawn to the prospect of working for a business that values their core beliefs so highly.

Efficiently perfecting these points will also have a positive impact across the business, emulated through positive staff morale, which will, in turn, help you keep hold of your most valuable employees.

If attracting talent is not your only problem and you find that the recruitment process itself time-consuming and challenging, fear not. Natural HR provides you with the opportunity to take back control of your time by simply managing every step of the recruitment process, from raising a requisition to hiring the best candidates.

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Progress employee development:

In correlation to our previous point, attracting and retaining talent, LinkedIn has found that 94% of employees would stay at a company longer if it simply invested in helping them learn. If done right, employee training can help increase engagement, retention, productivity and efficiency.

However, a good employee training program doesn’t just fall into place; careful considerations need to be applied in order to develop your current workforce.

Begin by establishing why your training deserves to exist and the problems it will solve. From this, you’ll be able to prioritise which training objectives need handling first, which course will be sought after by your employees and the impact it will have on the business. Create a useful, personalised learning experience that ensures employees stay engaged with your training and don’t forget to deliver it in ways that will be most useful to them.

If you find it hard to keep up-to-date with employee training, Natural HR’s training module allows you to oversee the whole cycle – from the first initial training course to complying feedback central to the training. Ultimately, helping you progress an employee’s professional development.

Staying GDPR compliant: 

Cast your mind back to April 2016. The date that introduced The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and saw a major overhaul of how businesses collect, store and process personal data.

Fast-forward to the present day and businesses are still finding it a challenge to keep their compliance regulations on track. Research reports that 30% of European businesses admit they are still not compliant with GDPR.

In the new year, it could be worthwhile re-evaluating your current GDPR plan. This could start with providing basic data management training to new staff members that join your business, conducting an audit of the data your company processes, ensuring IT systems are up-to-date and secure and have clear policies in place to prevent security breaches.

Within Natural HR, you can define GDPR compliant rules that automatically delete and anonymise data helping to prevent data breaches which could occur.

Rethink performance management:

Research shows that 77% of HR executives believe performance reviews aren’t an accurate representation of employee performance. Outlining that traditional methods are no longer impactful and employee communication needs to be improved.

So, is it time to rethink your strategy ahead of the new year? Start with the obvious and, set up consistent one-to-one meetings with your employees. Throughout these meetings, outline standards and goals, against which their performance will be measured. Regularly, review and record the progress of said goals against company-wide objectives.

Once completed, conduct analysis to gain a clear overview of an employee’s progress. From here, you’ll be able to identify which performance management techniques need to be applied to the employee. This can range from motivation, training, development, acknowledgement, constructive criticism and loads more.

Natural HR provides a painless way to make a real difference to an employee’s performance and engagement through custom performance management forms, setting up schedules and sending out timely reminders to both employees and managers to keep everything on track.

In summary:

These five actionable goals won’t transform the way you work overnight, but in time, you’ll begin to see a tangible difference in efficiency levels across the whole company. Oh, and let’s not forget, they’ll dramatically improve your current HR processes, even more so with the help of our all-in-one HR and payroll software.

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