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How HR Software can transform your employee experience

By 24/06/2020November 23rd, 2021Employee Engagement, Employee Management
how HR software can transform your employee experience

There’s no question that employees are the heartbeat and backbone of every successful company, so it’s imperative to create a culture that allows your people to feel and perform their best each day.

Despite this being a goal for many HR departments, only 53% of employees globally report feeling engaged at work. This number is undoubtedly concerning when you consider that highly engaged employees are 87% less likely to leave their company than their less engaged counterparts.

Constructing a positive employee experience is no easy feat; there’s a lot to consider, from learning and development opportunities and employee wellness to a smooth onboarding process and streamlining essential daily tasks.

However, creating an enriching culture doesn’t have to be a mountain to climb, the right HR and employee experience management software can make all the difference in creating an experience that elevates higher levels of performance, productivity and most importantly, the happiness of your employees.

Building the ultimate onboarding experience

From the get-go, onboarding sets the tone of the employee experience by effectively welcoming and retaining your talent pool. This is shown as Glassdoor outlines a strong onboarding process will improve new hire retention by 82% and productivity by over 70%.

The average new hire has 54 activities to complete during their onboarding experience, emphasising that your onboarding process is all about planning from your employee’s point of view, meaning it doesn’t begin and end of your new hire’s first day. Accurately integrating your employees in the process will ensure a variety of outcomes are achieved from understanding company culture, learning the current market and early education opportunities.

With HR software, you’ll be able to design a fully branded experience that automates and streamlines administrative tasks associated with bringing a new hire into your company. Organisations will be able to assign training tasks, share policies, trigger workflows and plan induction schedules weeks before the employees start date.

In creating a digital experience that connects employees in the real world, an automated onboarding process reduces the amount of time HR teams spend securing the best candidates and immersing new starters into their team efficiently while improving communication and loyalty from the off.

By taking advantage of modern cloud solutions, this employee experience management software will enable you to present the right information and activities to the right people, at the right time. Importantly, the technology connects hires with their new employers and employees, creating a long-lasting positive impression.

Providing the right development opportunities

In this ever-changing business environment, providing ample opportunities for employee progression has never been so important, but instead, is often seen as a challenge by many HR professionals.

Over in the US, $164.2 billion was spent on learning and development programs with this figure continuing to rise year-on-year. Despite this resounding investment, 1 in 3 businesses offer no employee training or development time, leaving many HR departments bamboozled on how to enhance their L&D strategy.

If you feel like L&D is preventing your employee experience from flourishing, fear not. HR software can make a noticeable difference in an organisation’s approach to reshaping the overarching development strategy.

By using multiple intuitive tools, you’ll be able to track the ongoing development of all employees relating to performance and engagement. A performance matrix enables you to accelerate employee development by identifying your organisation’s rising stars and underperformers via a competency framework.

From here, you’ll have a clear understanding of which employees need training, while overseeing the whole cycle – from the first initial training course to compiling feedback central to the training, providing employees with new skills and techniques to push their career with the organisation to the next step.

Once the training has been completed, you’ll be able to make a real difference to an employee’s engagement levels by reviewing the course via 360 feedback forms, one-to-one reviews, real-time feedback and performance appraisals.

Offer frequent recognition

A factor that is often overlooked; employee recognition plays a vital role in maintaining high morale and engagement. It’s not uncommon for engaged employees to have their own internal reasons for paramount effort, but it’s instilled in us from a young age that praise and recognition makes us feel good.

In fact, if organisations double the number of employees who receive recognition for their contribution on a weekly basis, they will experience a 24% improvement in the quality of work produced and a 27% reduction in absenteeism. These figures directly correspond with the increase in employee engagement as a result of the HR team creating an employee experience which allows their staff to recognise each other’s accomplishments.
To put these factors into play, it’s essential to have HR technology that provides a self-service approach for their workforce and creates a sense of social belonging for each and every employee.

By using an integrated social stream, employees will have the ability to share, collaborate and celebrate each other’s success by acknowledging notable performances that are shared across the entire company. This ensures no achievements go unnoticed by each department, creating happy employees and high spirits across the organisation.

In addition, HR software will provide employees with 24/7 access to a live total reward statement that efficiently communicates the value of an employee’s total benefits package. Due to having unlimited access, employees will feel more motivated if they understand how they’re being rewarded for their hard work, and can strive to achieve more by viewing additional rewards later down the line.

Listen to your workforce

In order to evaluate your employee experience and build on your strengths, HR has to be honest about any employee weaknesses. While encouraging employee feedback and open communication, you’ll be able to promote an honest and transparent workforce culture that increases company profits.

On the topic of communication, HR must align the organisation’s values with their employees to create a pathway that shares the same goals and helps create an amazing employee experience. The goals you set must extend beyond your competition and welcome new ideas from employees to give them confidence their voice is being heard. In doing this, you’ll encourage your workforce to come up with consistent creative solutions that drive innovation between every aspect of the company.

But how do you ensure every employee in your organisation has their voice heard? With Natural HR, features like the employee pulse can be used to gather the thoughts and opinions of each member of staff. Similarly, a message board can be used to share the latest insights and communications across the whole workforce.

Meanwhile, our employee experience management software allows, you to set, communicate and refresh targets both at an individual and company level, ensuring employees are consistently engaged, productivity levels are raised, and core values are supported across the entire company.

Embrace the ultimate employee experience management software

If you feel your employee experience is lacking the technology to not only transform your process, but your entire organisation, look no further.

As an employee experience management software, Natural HR provides all-in-one cloud HR and payroll software that makes it easy to manage your department and enables professionals at the frontline of this rapidly evolving modern workplace to engage better, manage and pay your people.

With Natural HR, your onboarding process is simplified, employee engagement becomes a doddle, and your entire workforce becomes engaged through easy-to-use self-service functionality to help build your dream employee experience.

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