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Why the modern workplace needs online HR software

By 28/10/2020October 21st, 2022HR Software, Software
online hr software

2020 has been a year like no other. Where we work and how we work is no longer the same as it was in previous years. Research has found that 60% of the UK’s population continues to work from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

What’s more, our own poll on LinkedIn found that 76% of people expect the future of work to be a hybrid of remote and office-based. As attitudes towards the future of work change, the ongoing pandemic has led many businesses to reconsider their way of working entirely.

Some may opt for this hybrid model of office and home-based working, where others may choose to pivot to 100% remote working. However you choose to work in the coming weeks, months and years, it is clear that our working lives will likely never be the same again.

Zoom calls will become the norm, as will virtual meetings and social events.

Undoubtedly, throughout 2020 our reliance on technology has rocketed. From ordering food shopping and joining online quizzes to keeping in touch with family, friends and colleagues; the power of technology to keep us connected has truly been magnified. It has allowed employees to work remotely, remain in touch with their colleagues and, importantly, allowed them to continue in their jobs away from the office.

As the modern workplace evolves and transitions to the changing attitudes and preferences of employees, it is more important than ever that you find ways for your employees to remain connected to your business.

Every good workplace should be built on a strong foundation of communication, culture and clarity that is spearheaded by HR. In the modern workplace, online tools are a given and, as a platform, online HR software can enable your team to flourish while they are working remotely.

Support remote working for all

Given the current swathes of employees working from home, supporting your remote workers is more important than ever before.

Online HR software allows you to effectively engage, manage and support your employees, anywhere. While your HR team is remote, they can continue to develop and execute their HR strategies for the benefit of your people. With simple, remote access to your chosen software provider, your team can work effectively away from the office.

What’s more, you can continue to ensure your employees are able to carry out their ‘normal’ interactions with HR. Whether completing performance reviews, logging timesheets or requesting holiday; your team can effectively manage their own HR requests from anywhere, at any time.

Empower your employees to self-serve

For companies that are actively recruiting during these testing times, online HR software can be a lifesaver. With online HR software, you are able to manage the entire recruitment process from beginning to end. Advertising open vacancies, scheduling and conducting interviews, sending offer letters and on-boarding can all be handled remotely from one central system.

Not only does this deliver a consistent, smooth process for every employee, but it means your department managers can oversee the status and progress of each role and candidate without having to hassle HR for an update.

And for your existing team, they are able to manage their own requests, check company updates, read policies and update personal information such as an address, contact information and emergency contact details so you can remain in touch with your team when working remotely.

The future is automated

For HR, the coronavirus pandemic has piled their already full plates with more work. From tracking those self-isolating or those that are off sick with COVID to ensuring health and safety measures are adhered to and workspaces are COVID-secure; 2020 has leant itself to a plethora of unexpected tasks and reams of documentation for an already overworked team.

Online HR software can automate the most repetitive of HR administrative tasks from authorising time off and approving timesheets to concluding interviews and on-boarding new starters; HR is free to focus on the most important tasks at hand to support and engage their employees during this period of uncertainty and beyond.

Create workflows to effectively manage repetitive HR tasks and processes; reducing the amount of time you spend on admin and focus on the higher-level HR tasks and key projects that can’t be automated.