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How HR software can keep your business connected

By 18/03/2021September 20th, 2021COVID-19, Employee Engagement, Natural HR
HR Software

In a time when employees are physically apart, keeping them connected with a sense of togetherness has quickly become a top priority for HR leaders.

We have asked a number of experts, HR leaders and serial WFH-ers to share the ways they have fostered a culture of connectedness while employees are remote. And the majority shared the same things that have enabled them to do this: technology.

As the entire world turned to video conferencing software to stay in touch with colleagues, family and friends; the savvy HR leader also turned to another piece of technology – HR software.

A tool that is designed to bring your entire business closer together; HR software allows your HR team to unite powerful insights from employees to ensure your strategies while working from home aren’t missing the mark.

Here are just a few ways HR software can keep your employees connected, even when they are remote.

Employee pulse

An employee pulse is a brilliant way to gather quick feedback and insights from your employees. These are a short, quick way to check-in with employees and gather data and feedback to gauge employee satisfaction.

A comments section will allow your employees to elaborate on their current feelings, and your HR team can act accordingly to address any issues or concerns before they become problematic.


Your HR software is a great platform to allow your employees to recognise and be recognised by their peers. Whether a manager wants to commend a team for a job well done or if a colleague wants to say thanks to another colleague for their help; social recognition is a fantastic way to make your staff feel valued in a public forum.

Together, your teams can celebrate successes, achievements, even birthdays and work anniversaries while they are physically apart. Make use of images, videos and humorous GIFs to inject some personality into your employee recognition strategy.


Most businesses carry out frequent employee surveys to measure engagement levels, satisfaction and much more. But working from home may mean that the needs of your employees have changed significantly. Today, it is more important than ever to survey your employees and ensure they are happy, engaged and motivated. It may be that you devise an entirely new survey to understand how working from home has affected them or you may choose to run your annual/monthly/quarterly survey as normal to identify what has changed as a result of working from home.

Analytics within your HR software will enable you to monitor and trends in your survey data across time and devise new ways to tackle any problematic areas. Armed with this data, HR teams can understand the impact that their strategies are having on their people with precision.

Training and development

Your HR software can be used as a platform for employees to request training courses and your HR team can monitor competencies, completion rates and identify any areas where employees may need help or support.

Training is a great way to keep your furloughed employees connected, too. In line with government guidance, furloughed staff can undertake training to maintain their skills or upskill themselves as long as this is to improve an employee’s effectiveness or the performance of the business.

For any employee, training can improve employee engagement and contribute directly to your retention rates. Employees thrive in workplaces that champion training and making them more valuable assets to the business is a win-win.

Here at Natural HR, we are lucky to have a community of customers that are only too happy to share their experience with us. We recently (virtually!) sat down with Chloe Jordan, who is the HR Advisor at Fosters Family Funeral Directors, to understand exactly how Natural HR has helped to keep their entire business connected during lockdown.

“At the start of the pandemic, we were constantly using the announcement feature in the system, which allowed us to communicate effectively with all employees at once, so they were all receiving the same message. In line with government guidelines, those working in the management of the deceased were considered key workers that still had to come into the workplace to serve the public and the needs of families. With that came lots of different guidelines that we had to put in place and we used the system to keep all of our operational employees up to date with the government guidelines and any changes that came into place. Being able to send this directly to their inboxes was a huge benefit for us.

“It allowed us to upload furlough letter templates and issue those from within the system to those that were affected. At a time when we needed it most, Natural HR was massive in terms of how we managed COVID. Without it, I think it would have been a real struggle to communicate effectively with all of our colleagues.”

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