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7 reasons why your people data holds the key to your workplace culture

In modern business, the data contained within your HR system is a valuable tool in providing your HR team with the analytics needed to power your entire workplace culture and drive changes that can bring long-term benefits to your staff, your customers, and through both your bottom line.

Through the correct use of your people data, your HR team will be able to complete any number of tasks that at their core impact your workplace culture, from assessing your candidate pool to identifying training opportunities and improving retention.

But as your teams grow and the amount of data in the world increases, data analytics will become an increasingly more prominent focus of your HR team. Through that, they’re able to go about their job of supporting their workplace culture.

This article will look at the 7 reasons your HR data holds the key to a thriving workplace culture.

1) Your hiring processes will become both optimised and streamlined

With access to the correct data, you’re in a position to make not just better but wiser hiring decisions that come from being able to fully assess a candidate from receiving their application to making that final offer.

This could be from being able to securely collect and store CVs to seeing your entire company organisational structure to analysing the impact that new hires will have on your company. Through Natural HR’s platform, you’ll be able to involve both big and small data throughout every stage.

Natural HR’s recruitment feature has been designed to give you all the necessary tools to complete a digital and optimised recruitment process. With access to a recruitment portal, you’ll have quick and easy access to on-demand applicant interviews while also being able to access applicant data on the move thanks to mobile optimisation and schedule candidate interviews with ease.

2) Better understand potential growth opportunities

With access to people data, it will become easier to identify better and understand the potential opportunities for growth within your business. By accessing this live data, you’ll be enabling your team to plan for future growth and identify the needs required to achieve these goals, such as addressing skills gaps, identifying the training required or helping to recruit new positions.

With Natural HR’s HR system, you can use your people data to invest better, track your hardware infrastructure, manage the training desires of both your team and business, and with long-term planning, better prepare your business for its future developments.

3) Increase your employee engagement levels

Your people data will help improve your employees’ engagement by making it easier than ever to engage, highlight, reward, and recognise your best-performing employees, as well as those who may need some more support to reach their goals.

Through Natural HR’s HR platform, you’ll be able to gather data on a range of issues from training to feedback, through to absence levels and performance reviews, all elements that, with the correct data, can help to increase your employee engagement levels.

Throughout all of this, you’ll be able to use this data to advise and support your upper-management team, line managers, and team leaders on how engaged their team members are and how they’re being developed, supported, and engaged throughout their careers.

4) Make more informed decisions

Countless decisions can be made more easily thanks to your people data, from the hiring and onboarding process to performance management and your overall employee experience.

With Natural HR’s cloud-based platform, your decisions will become more informed and evidence-based. Customisable dashboards and detailed reports mean that you can view, analyse, predict and present your data in more ways than ever before.

5) Identify employee skills gaps and implement required training

Getting hands-on access to your people data will make it possible for your HR and line managers to identify and develop opportunities for your team. Through our HR platform, you’ll be able to dive into your staff’s skills and use the data you gather to view current skill gaps and construct a solution to close these gaps.

The data-focused approach will allow you to make significant improvements in identifying roles and career paths for your employees by identifying skills gaps along with training and development opportunities for them; through this, not only will you decrease attrition, but you will also see an improvement in employee performance, satisfaction and efficiency.

6) Better lead and inform your leadership teams

The data you’re getting your hands on will provide HR with vital details that will enable them to better inform and educate the leadership on the company’s climate.

By leveraging the data and having the data to support development recommendations, HR can help develop business decisions relating to everything from structural change to organisational development. Only by harnessing business and people data can your HR team truly step into improving workplace culture.

7) Improve your onboarding process

A great HR management software will give you access to easily view data in ways that will allow you to personalise it for each member of staff. This could include providing information as to who has completed what training, who has signed and returned what paperwork, where a person sits within the organisational structure, as well as countless other pieces of data that will allow your new starter to get up to speed on their role and position within your company quickly and efficiently.