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How can HR software impact your organisational culture?

The HR team within a company will likely be the first and last team you interact with when joining a company. At the same time, they’ll also be the team that manages your team’s daily affairs, from ensuring they’re paid on time to monitoring performance.

If you ask your companies leadership what elements of the business will have the most significant impact on the team, you’ll be hard-pressed to validate a better answer than the workplace culture. But as we will discover, much like Rome, your company’s culture will not be built overnight and will need to have time, resources, and patience assigned to it to be developed.

A well-designed and implemented HR system, such as Natural HR’s, will go a long way in helping your HR team create and develop a culture that promotes development, retention, and increased positivity from the workforce.

This article will look at the top eight ways that excellent HR software will make itself stand out by positively impacting your organisational culture.

1) It will give you the ability to keep a 24/7 view of how your staff are feeling.

A successful HR team will have their finger on the temperature of the company and the staff, whether you’re approaching a tight deadline or celebrating a new team member joining the company. Through the best and worse times, the staff within your company will turn to you to support them throughout their career.

One such way you can do this with Natural HR’s system is by encouraging your staff to use the Employee Pulse (See below), which will provide you with real-time data on their mood, and what’s causing it, thus allowing you to take real-world information and act on it quickly.

2) You can make performance management less infrequent and part of your team’s everyday conversation.

Performance management shouldn’t be a clockwork meeting that occurs every 6 or 12 months. Instead, it needs to take an agile approach and instead become part of your everyday conversation. Furthermore, your ideal HR software will also provide you with the tools to make your teams work more effectively while fostering an environment where constructive feedback is given at every corner.

For example, with Natural HR, you can track an employee’s progress throughout their entire time with your company whilst also working with them to create performance plans, 360 reviews and much more.

3) You will get access to data and dashboards that will give you the ability to express your views.

With Natural HR’s platform, you can learn everything that you would ever need to know about your employees from the data you can gather, and through this, you can implement changes that will benefit your company culture. Think of it this way, your access to information will allow your opinions, ideas, or proposals to be backed up with data, which can help convince those in power of the benefits of implementing the proposed changes into the workplace.

For instance, the data could provide you with insights that could benefit your company culture, from staff views on the benefits to discussing the impact of new policies, such as working from home. You must understand the effects that any decision will have on your company, and with data, you can make that decision.

4) It will help promote a culture of feedback by recognising outstanding work done by your staff.

Here’s a question for you, how does, if it does, your company recognise when a member of staff has gone above and beyond in supporting the company, a client or even another staff member?

Whilst you may have informal methods via individual departments, if you have a larger or even remote-based team, this small task can easily get lost, but excellent HR software will make it easier, quicker and more personal than ever before to promote a culture of recognition in your workplace.

For instance, with Natural HR’s platform, you’re able to recognise staff members, across all teams, with a shout-out to which other staff members can react, making it easy and practical to praise each other in the workplace.

5) Your staff will be able to develop their core skills and grow their levels of engagement with other teams.

When you employ somebody, a core focus of that will be their skillset, but an area that is often overlooked is their skills in what is called soft/core skills, ones like communication, that are vital to develop and harness their career and the broader company culture. By utilising your HR system, you will be able to train your staff in these core skills, as, for example, part of their onboarding and personal development.

6) You will be able to promote the culture needed to manage hybrid working.

If we didn’t mention home or hybrid-based working, would it really be an article pinpointing workplace culture in this modern workplace? In 2021, this new approach to working has become the cornerstone of workplace culture for almost all companies, and managing its impact is a pivotal part of an HR officer’s responsibilities.

With an all-in-one HR system, like Natural HR’s, you’ll be able to easily manage the work from home set-up whilst maintaining the culture that makes your workplace what it is. So, for instance, you can ensure staff have all the equipment to do their jobs whilst using the performance review feature to ensure they’re still happy and productive in this new way of life.

7) It will give your staff and teams a centralised environment to promote and develop their skills and talent.

With Natural HR’s built-in training module, you are given, from day one, the ability to create a positive workplace culture by making your staff strive to learn by offering them training programs that allow them to push their skillset and knowledge to a higher level.

Whether the training is health and safety-related, or something else, a great HR system will empower your staff to learn in a way that will encourage a culture of learning.