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7 Ways that Natural HR’s Payroll module can support your business

The Government recently named and shamed almost 200 UK employers, including household names John Lewis, The Body Shop International, Enterprise Rent-a-Car UK and Pret A Manger, as among those who have failed to pay their employees the National Minimum Wage.

Multiple investigations by HM Revenues and Customs (HMRC) found that a total of £2.1 million was owed to more than 34,000 workers due to National Minimum Wage (NMW) breaches taking place between 2011 and 2018. The employers have since been made to pay back what they owed and fined an additional £3.2 million; in a move, HMRC said showed that it is “never acceptable to underpay workers”.

HMRC discovered that employers underpaid workers in a range of ways, with the top reasons being cited as:

  • 47% of employers had wrongly deducted pay from workers’ wages for items like uniforms and expenses.
  • 30% failed to pay workers for all the time they had worked, such as overtime.
  • 9% of employers had paid the incorrect apprenticeship rate.

For the employers who fail to pay the NMW, it can be a costly issue in terms of both the financial impact and the damage to the company’s reputation. Employers that pay workers less than the NMW face paying back arrears to the worker at the current minimum wage rate. In addition, they also face financial penalties of up to 200% of arrears – capped at £20,000 for each worker.

But how can Natural HR’s Payroll module help support your business with the demands of modern payroll, ensuring that you are compliant with UK law and regulation, while also allowing you to say goodbye to lengthy admin, spreadsheets and errors?

With an integrated approach to both your HR and Payroll needs, you’ll be able to share data across both modules to ease integration for tasks like onboarding new starters, salary changes, and calculating leavers pay, to name just three.

But what are the other benefits of having an integrated Payroll and HR system?

  • You’re able to see a single integrated view of your entire workforce instead of having separate systems for both HR and Payroll.
  • As a result of integration between both platforms, you’ll have a streamlined process for onboarding, offboarding, as well as other tasks like holiday and sick pay.
  • Easy access ensures continued compliance with HMRC standards, including when government policy, such as the National Minimum Wage, increases.

What are the 7 ways that Natural HR’s Payroll module can support your business?

As Natural HR explored last year, there are several ways that having more control over Payroll data can help save you and your business both money and compliance-related issues, including:

1: Tracking overtime, expenses and absences:

Natural HR’s Payroll module will give you clear insight into your employee costs and pay rate. Including elements like National Insurance and tax, your Payroll data also integrates seamlessly with your HR system to allow you to evaluate other costs such as overtime and absence. By having a complete understanding and combining this Payroll data with other information, you’ll also be able to better approach elements like cash flow management and identify areas of high expenditure that could be looked into.

Learn more about Natural HR’s absence management feature here, and expenses and mileage, here.

Natural HR's Expenses Tracking Software

Natural HR’s software has built in features, like this one which will give you a central place to manage company expenses.

2: Tackle any expensive issues:

With a complete overview of your Payroll data, the Natural HR Payroll module will be able to pinpoint any costly issues or areas before they become problematic and be able to implement a solution to reduce their cost. This could be anything from hotel expenses to large mileage claims and even other expenses like workplace lunches.

This will give you the raw data in an easy to view and accessible format, allowing you to quickly see where your monthly outgoings are going and any issues that need to be addressed. This will allow you to efficiently complete your yearly company accounts by having the expenses data to support your tax returns and other company filings.

Learn more about Natural HR’s Asset Management feature here.

Natural HR's Asset Management System Payroll

Using Natural HR’s Asset Management System, you are able to identify expensive costings in your business, for example, hardware.

3: Bring more external software under one roof, with one cost:

By having both your HR and Payroll software Integrated into one cloud-based platform, you’ll be able to easily access and manage both your Payroll and your staff without having to manage two separate systems.

This will bring countless benefits to your ability to perform your role as by using one system to manage your HR and Payroll departments, any changes in human resources that impact Payroll (such as new starters, leavers or changes in salary) will automatically be updated as both systems share data securely, instead of isolating them in separate silos.

Learn more about Natural HR’s other benefits, including integrating it your payroll here.

Natural HR's Time Off and Payroll

With Natural HR’s Payroll system, you get the ability to have it seamlessly integrated with your HR Software.

4: Plan for a more cost-effective business future:

By having your data in one easy-to-access system it will make gathering and analysing Payroll data over a period of time much easier, and as a result of having this data, will give you the ability to improve your business’ yearly forecasts while also helping you plan for future costings and expenditure.

Learn more about Natural HR’s Payroll module, and how it can bring cost-savings here.

Cost Saving and Payroll

From allowing you to track expenses, to the cost of company assets, Natural HR’s HR System will reduce overall costs by bringing all of your systems under one program.

5: Increased control, and security, over your data:

With an in-house Payroll solution, you’ll have ultimate control over the data that your company creates. Whether you have an in-house Payroll team or your HR team deals with it, an all-in-one software can support your company by providing a comprehensive overview of compensation. You’ll also be reassured that with Natural HR’s solution, all of your staffs sensitive data is kept on secured servers located within the UK.

Learn more about Natural HR’s built-in security and back-up features here.

Payroll and Security

From built-in features giving you a safe and secure platform to use, Natural HR’s software also has industry-leading security and back-up integration giving you peace of mind.

6: Lower overall business costs:

Bringing your Payroll software under the same roof as your HR software will also bring savings to your business. Bringing in another piece of software will often lump you with another recurring source of expenditure, and that’s not including the cost of training and upskilling your team to use another piece of software. By using an all-in-one solution for both Payroll and HR, you’ll be able to reduce costs while increasing effectiveness.

Learn more about Natural HR’s Payroll features and how it can save you money here.

Payroll Intergration

Say goodbye to manual uploads, with Natural HR’s built-in integration you can automate tasks, such as getting your staff to upload their payroll information as part of their onboarding.

7: Increased flexibility for last-minute changes and corrections:

By bringing your Payroll process in-house, you’ll have the ability to make any last-minute changes whenever required, especially if the solution is cloud-based and accessible from any device with an internet connection. This is compared to if you use an outsourced provider, which could slow down and process. But beyond that, the easy-to-access flexibility of the cloud allows you to quickly acquire the data to share with third parties, like accountants

The flexibility brought on by using an integrated Payroll system that integrates with your HR software will also mean that any changes to employee details or the associated tasks with onboarding, bonuses, changes in salary or deductions can be made quickly and accurately, ensuring employees aren’t under or overpaid.

Learn more about Natural HR’s increased flexibility with software integration here.

Payroll integration

Natural HR’s payroll integration will reduce your workload by allowing staff to upload and update their details, quickly, securely and without having to submit paper forms!