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Setting goals and KPIs: How HR software can help

In many roles, team members will be assigned goals to achieve or Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to achieve over a set period of time. From meeting sales targets to gaining qualifications in a specific domain such as becoming CIPD accredited or completing the next level of progression for a Chartered Institute of Marketing course; defining goals and agreeing KPIs can help to provide structure for individuals within their roles and demonstrates clearly how their contributions fit in with wider company objectives.

As managers, setting clear goals can help your business grow, achieve even bigger targets, track team performance and ensure top performers are recognised for their contribution. However, setting realistic goals that are achievable while tracking their progress and coaching team members can be an incredibly challenging task for many.

This is where HR software can help and, in this article, we’ll be taking a look at how HR software can help your HR team and managers set goals and KPIs, track them over time, and consistently keep tabs on employee performance.

Setting employee goals and KPIs using Natural HR

Using Natural HR, you can set goals for your employees and follow their progress with ease.

Whether setting development goals such as improving a skill, gaining more knowledge or passing an exam, or defining more target-based KPIs such as generating 50 leads, making 100 outbound calls or selling £1,000 worth of your product or service; Natural HR can help to efficiently improve employee performance, reduce admin and streamline the entire experience for HR, managers and employees.

Within Natural HR, you can create a repository of common goals and KPIs, and allocate these to specific employees as and when required.

library of employee goals What’s more, employees can self-serve and update their attainment throughout an agreed time period, log notes and feedback alongside their line manager. A visual aid (a donut chart) demonstrates how much of a goal an employee has achieved. This can help to spur team members on to meet their goals and KPIs.

Once a goal has been completed, it can be archived – retaining the record but moving it away from the active list so employees can focus on their new goals for the month or quarter ahead.

Tracking attainment of goals and KPIs using HR software

Similarly, many team leaders and department heads will want to keep track of their team’s performance and attainment of their goals. Using Natural HR, you can understand precisely if and where your people may need some extra help, coaching or guidance to boost performance.

Depending on the type of goal or KPI defined for your employees, you may allow them to update their attainment themselves. If enabled, an employee will then be able to update the status field and return any comments back to their manager to keep them updated with their progress.

Reporting on goals and KPIs

As HR leaders, you can use goal and KPI attainment data to compare and track trends in performance by individual, department and across the entire company, identify high-performing employees and explore ways to help underperformers improve.

employee goals

In Natural HR, you can build beautiful reports that allow you to track performance across departments, teams, managers and locations with ease so you can identify any issues, make improvements and even prevent future performance issues from arising. What’s more, your managers can also access crucial performance dashboard for their teams, giving them an easy way to monitor goal progress, review notes and schedule any required performance reviews with their people.

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