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9 reasons you need Natural HR’s talent management software in your business

When you utilise Talent Management Software (TMS), such as the one that’s included with Natural HR, you’ll get a complete, all-in-one cloud-based system that can support you in dealing with the management of applications, measuring staff performance, as well as developing, rewarding and establishing succession plans for your workforce.

But what are the advantages of having talent management software within your company? Well, to begin with, it helps you with more than just recruitment. A great recruitment module will also facilitate opportunities for those hired to learn and grow throughout their career, as well as align job performance goals with business performance goals.

This platform will provide you with the tools you need to bring in candidates with the right attitude, skills and experience, validating from the start that they are a good fit with your company. Did you know that among companies that planned to increase spending on HR-related technology, more than 50% planned to invest in talent management applications? Which, with Natural HR, gives you the perfect opportunity to save on expenditure, with its recruitment module included in our all-in-one HR platform.

In this article, we’re going to look at the nine reasons why you need Natural HR’s talent management software in your business.

1. Better recruiting

In the modern world there is still significant competition for qualified talent. Lapses in communication with your top candidates, and a lack, or even too many, tools to push the top applicants through the process could impact your ability to hire the best people.

With recruitment software such as Natural HR’s, you’ll be empowered with the tools to track and organise applicants while still providing you with an easy way to see where they are in the workflow. It will also let you source and track the applicants who applied through different hiring platforms and provides an easy way for feedback on those applicants to be collected through integrations with sites like Indeed.

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Natural HR has multiple elements built into its recruitment module to allow you to manage the entire process.

2. Better onboarding experience

Onboarding is the employee’s first real impression of life with that company. Yes, they would have had an interview but this will be the first time they’ve interacted with the wider company, it shouldn’t begin and end with a PowerPoint presentation.

The best talent management systems look beyond simply automating paperwork, and instead create and nurture a personalised process that makes the onboarding experience easy from start to finish.

A talent management system will make a big difference for employees and will allow for an easy process to form around the onboarding process. Plus, with integration into other HR tasks, and even payroll, you’ll reduce the number of silos of data you have to manage, maintain, report on and keep up to date, making your job easier.

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A great talent management system will also support your staff during their onboarding experience.

3. Increased diversity, equity and inclusion in your workforce

Diversity, equity and inclusion is becoming a number one priority for candidates, and companies, in 2021. Did you know diverse workforces have a proven track record of increasing employee learning, creativity, sense of belonging and pride in work, which can bring positive business results, and better workplace culture?

A talent management system will also work alongside your HR systems to allow you to generate reports quickly, so that you can view data and make informed decisions, on topics like gender diversity.

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Using data management and report making, you can view statistics like Employee Gender Split.

4. Increased employee and manager engagement

If you’re looking to increase engagement in your company, implementing a talent management system can help because it can empower employees and managers to interact with the employee’s professional career progression via performance reviews, appraisals and feedback.

An integrated talent management system, such as Natural HR, will encourage your employees to invest in the organisation they work for and align their daily work with the business goals while also focusing on their personal goals.

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A great Talent Management System will also support you in increasing employee and manager engagement.

5. Employee development

A talent management system such as the one included with Natural HR will also include options for employee learning and development. The integrated feature with employee development enables your staff to take courses, develop skills and in some cases pursue certifications relevant to their professional development.

A complete system will also collect data on what skills an employee has and will allow the HR team to assign training which the employee can then access from their profile.

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With Natural HR’s platform you’ll also get support in employee development.

6. Automated Performance Management

Performance management, in general, does two things. Firstly, it helps defines the goals that managers and employees need to aim for during the appraisal period. Secondly, it enables organisations to measure and appraise the employee’s year-on-year performances, to help identify top performers and engage in dialogue to foster continual growth and behaviour.

By implementing a talent management software suite, employee progress is automatically recorded and kept track of in real-time.

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Your system will also support performance management, allowing you to develop your staff throughout their entire time with your company.

7. Better succession planning

People in senior roles often hold specialised knowledge that’s critical to completing key business processes, and often it’s the knowledge that helps the company run effectively. But without a formalised workflow for transferring this knowledge, the business can find itself in a bad spot if that person decides to move on, so succession planning is crucial.

Every single company will have people retire or leave the company, but did you know that just 35% of organisations have a workflow for succession planning! A talent management system such as Natural HR’s can help with succession planning by using data for succession planning, map skills to open positions, as well as identifying areas where needs will surface and more.

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It’s not just onboarding that a great system will help you with. By using Natural HR you’ll also get support for succession planning, ensuring a smooth transaction of responsibilities.

8. Deeper employee engagement

Great processes around onboarding, learning and development drive deeper employee engagement, improve the workplace culture and see increases in the retention of your skilled staff.

The talent management functionality that’s built into Natural HR, such as innovative performance management is essential to more deeply engage employees. Related technology such as delivering quick pulse feedback and annual employee engagement surveys make it easy to help ensure efforts around employee engagement are working.

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Deeper employee engagement doesn’t just mean one-to-one meetings, it also involves connecting with your staff to find out their mood via company pulses, or surveys.

9. Tying together HR software

We know that one of the biggest challenges faced by many organisations is having multiple software programs running their talent management systems. But the main benefit of having an all-in-one system like Natural HR is that because all of the processes are included in the same platform, the data is in the same place, creating a single source of data.

Talent management tools provide several ways to enhance sourcing and recruiting, performance and people development, as well as retention and engagement. With all the steps and processes involved in the employee lifecycle within one system, who wouldn’t think of implementing a talent management system?

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Instead of having multiple systems for Talent Management, Natural HR allows you to bring your system into the same system you use for training, HR, Payroll and more, reducing the number of programs you have to learn.