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#CIPDACE21: In a post COVID world, how can HR platforms help HR leaders evolve the employee experience?

For as long as many of us can remember, HR technology and platforms have been focused on self-service to enhance the employee experience.

But in 2021, a complete HR platform must be designed to help those that use it with access to support, mentoring and resources as they navigate their employee journey through your company. It’s no longer simply about booking holidays, updating your details, or helping employees through simple processes like onboarding.

While these solutions are simple to have and should be included in any HR platform, a modern HR platform will focus on the overall user (or client) experience with technology. The ultimate goal should be to improve employee happiness and, subsequently, productivity and the company’s bottom line.

But in the world we now face, how can that interaction between an employee and their HR platform evolve to ensure that it stands the test of time and the new rigours we’re facing in our daily lives? This article will discuss ways your HR platform can evolve to work in 2022 and beyond.

What is the next evolution of the HR platform?

Today, your employees’ experience isn’t just about providing a consumer-grade encounter with HR technology. Instead, in the world of hybrid-working, the evolved HR platform is about ensuring that employees feel connected to their work and their colleagues in today’s often-fragmented organisations.

One way of creating this evolved HR experience for employees from start to finish is undoubtedly through technology and how we can utilise it in today’s workplace. These platforms have now shifted to include emerging technologies, such as the Internet of Things, cloud computing, and communicators, among others, which can push employee experience to an even higher level.

If you look at the industry today, you’ll soon come to see that the next evolution of HR services will not focus on reinventing the wheel, but instead modifying it to be heavily focused on optimising the employee experience and refining the current processes in reflection of the lessons learned during the COVID pandemic.

Since March 2020, COVID-19 has blurred the lines between work and home and brought HR processes and our personal experiences and milestones closer together than ever before. Fast forward to 2022, and much of the focus of HR teams will be on ensuring their HR processes have evolved to reflect this new working style.

To succeed, these evolving systems will need to focus on identifying cross-functional process links, such as those between health and absence, or performance and skills, all of which is becoming a critical component of process optimisation initiatives.

Learning from COVID-19

With the workplace having undergone seismic change in the past 18 months, HR platforms, like Natural HR, have evolved to reimagine the employee experience from both a corporate and personal perspective to consider how the workplace might operate in the future.

From our discussions internally and with clients, we’ve found that technology will play a vital role in allowing employees to stay connected and productive and that over the next year, the evolution of HR platforms will take the form of optimising the employee experience, designing end-to-end processes and marrying data to create powerful analytics which will be essential to building a solid foundation for the HR organisation of the future.

Evolving to survive the new environment

As we look to the future, HR platforms will have to evolve to allow the organisation that uses it to adapt to the new external environment and the ever-changing needs that they face as a business. The HR platform of tomorrow will have to be underpinned by integrated governance structures that bring HR, Finance, and IT together to monitor and meet the needs of the business cohesively.

Simple, proactive calls to action can be used across HR, such as encouraging employees to contribute to workplace surveys, pulse measurements, or even reminding employees to ask their managers basic development questions linked to learning and development plans. As an example, the real HR platform of tomorrow will evolve to support you through employee development.

Enhancing the employee experience is the best way to increase productivity and boost engagement, another reason why the future of HR platforms goes beyond just the simple tasks you would expect.

In this new future, HR needs to focus on providing solutions that work for every employee and their entire worker journey, from recruitment and onboarding to the job itself. Great HR platforms will even try to recreate the ‘water-cooler moment’ — by encouraging more time collaborating in virtual meetings or through discussion boards and will integrate with modern communication platforms like Slack.

Again, in a post COVID world, HR platforms will need to unify offline and online communications by keeping employees connected through their mobile devices to provide access to tools and corporate information anywhere, anytime. The entire focus will be on employee experience, showcased by providing HR teams, like yours, with a user experience focused on choice, flexibility and personalisation.

Natural HR will be at CIPD ACE 2021

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