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#CIPDACE2021: 7 lasting impacts that the pandemic has had on the accelerated digital transformation of HR platforms.

Before March 2020, digital transformation within HR was increasingly becoming more of a priority to many organisations. However, when the pandemic hit in March 2020, that transformation drastically changed overnight. It was accelerated for many companies, as was that need for digital transformation, which became an imminent requirement for many.

In light of the digital transformation scope and scale we are witnessing, we believe that a successful HR platform will consolidate several key features to support your company through its transformation.

As advanced digital HR platforms were being deployed over the past 18-months, the pandemic had HR Software suppliers moving to ensure their platforms were geared up to support the sudden increase in remote working and post lockdown, the new working world that we find ourselves in.

Hence, we have reviewed the changes across multiple industries and sectors and organised the seven lasting impacts that COVID 19 has had on the transformation of HR platforms so that you can learn and take away what features a successful HR platform will have in 2022 and beyond to support your business.

Here are Natural HR’s seven steps of reflection to look upon when considering if your HR platform will be able to support you in the digital transformation of the UK workforce in 2022 and beyond.

1. HR platforms must be more client-focused:

When choosing your post-COVID HR platform, you must remember that the drivers behind changes in HR platforms should be the customers, not the supplier. The goal should be to make the lives of you, the client, easier instead of making things easier for the supplier. A customer-focused platform in this digitised world will include features such as customer feedback to ensure that the platform can be kept up to date with any changes that the industry needs.

2. Data security and privacy must be at the core of your platform:

Adopting new digital solutions opens the doors to further questions about data security, privacy and compliance with laws like GDPR. Most HR personal will think their data is at risk, which means that adopting company-wide standards for both privacy and security should be at the top of your mind, as should it be for your HR platform of choice.

 Your HR platform of choice should be ISO certificated, PCI compliant, and be based in the United Kingdom, as well as featuring secured data back-up of vital information to ensure business continuity in the case of data loss.

3. Platforms must integrate with the new workforce:

With many companies now implementing a hybrid working approach, HR platforms need to work together and be integrated into the company’s internal processes, including, for example, integration with communication apps like Slack or Outlook. Your HR platform of choice needs to be able to support your workers whether they’re working at home, in the office or a mixture of both environments.

4. The platform must avoid the approach of everything or nothing:

Digital transformation provides unparalleled opportunities for HR suppliers to offer personalised service to customers. An excellent HR platform will leverage digital solutions to understand their clients and provide recommendations and relevant modules.

No longer will it be about investing in a system that you will only use a third of what’s on offer whilst still paying for it, but instead, the best HR platforms will allow you to evolve and grow at the same speed as your company, by allowing you to add and remove functions that are relevant to your needs.

5. It needs to be an intranet for your organisation:

When focusing on digital solutions for your business, HR platforms also now need to consider their internal customers, those that will use your system, namely your employees. Whereas before, your HR platform may have just been for booking holidays or uploading your information, any HR platform now should act as a central hub for employee communication, whether they be working at home or in the office.

From getting employee feedback and engaging with your staff, an HR platform should now, more than ever before, empower your employees in receiving an amazing experience with your company whilst promoting a positive workplace culture.

6. The platform will support your organisational structure:

The biggest acceleration from the pandemic may be that companies now need to break down multiple silos to create one platform. For example, there’s no longer a need for separate applications for recruitment, performance management or staff details. Instead, a cohesive HR platform will embrace all of these features to bring them into one unified platform to reduce the number of silos your HR team has to work with.

7. Your platform supplier must always be there for you:

Digital transformation requires you to change how an HR platform delivers its products and services. Successful HR platforms that will support you will act beyond simply being a software provider. Instead, they will be an educator in learning and a supporting hand in terms of implementation and technical support.

When looking at any HR provider, make sure it’s evolved to ensure that they’re not just selling you a product but that they’ll be there for you and your team promptly when you encounter an issue or struggle to work something out.

As we’ve all seen over since March 2020, Covid-19 has fast-tracked many emerging issues that many organisations, especially SMEs, were beginning to address, and your HR platform has to support you in this. These include evolving to ensure compatibility with remote and flexible working, employee monitoring, workplace mental health, and diversity.

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