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How to implement HR software: preparing for implementation

By 21/02/2022February 24th, 2022HR Software, Implementation, Natural HR
HR software implementation

So, you’ve invested in HR management software. Good on you. You’re one of the 64% of SMEs that have taken the plunge (, 2019).

But are you feeling a little overwhelmed at the prospect of implementing it? Drowning in buzzwords being thrown around? Data migration, reports, workflows? If you’re solely responsible for HR in your company, if can feel like a mammoth task.  

Well, you’re not alone. When buying HR software, a staggering 85% of professionals cited ‘time to implement’ as a hindrance (, 2019). 

Here at Natural HR, we’ve supported our customers through countless implementations of our HR software and we’ve found the most successful all share one common denominator: preparation. ✅

In this guide, we’ll share our blueprint for a successful implementation; making your decision to introduce HR software to your organisation a simple and logical one. 

Implementation should not be feared, it poses a huge opportunity for your business to streamline processes, improve employee engagement and consider your approach to data management.  And what’s more, once it’s done properly; it’s done. 

Scroll through our handy guide to discover our top advice for preparing your business for a new HR system.

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