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What’s the difference between off-the-shelf HR tech and mid-market HR software?

By 05/08/2022July 10th, 2023HR Software, Natural HR
What's the difference between off-the-shelf HR tech and mid-market HR software?

With the explosion in home working, tech in all its guises has become more important than ever. A means to keep teams connected, it’s proven a lifeline for almost every organisation.

But with increased employee autonomy comes an additional headache for HR teams, who must find an efficient means to keep track of employee whereabouts and basic requests – including annual leave, WFH requirements, and sickness days. It also presents further challenges across the business, when it comes to assigning and monitoring workflows, document management, and maintaining a keen eye on employee engagement.

Add to this a need to securely access HR data, from any location, it stands to reason that we’ve seen an uptick in those exploring this type of technology for their business. But is all HR software made equal? Here we look at the topic in further detail.

Off-the-shelf HR technology

A great option for smaller businesses, ready-made software options provide a host of functionality, which can ease administrative burdens and free up the HR team to focus their attentions elsewhere. Another advantage is the increased security these programmes typically provide.

For companies with ten to 100 employees, they’re often a cost-effective solution – with functionality to suit. However, as organisations begin broaching mid-market territory, they’re likely to require a more robust offering that can cope with increasing demand — this is where a more sophisticated package comes in.

Mid-market HR software

For companies in the mid-market, with anything from 100 to 1,000 team members, off-the-peg solutions are unlikely to fit the bill. Thanks to a more complex organisational structure, businesses are likely to need an increasingly comprehensive offering, with increased flexibility and choice.

While entirely bespoke options are likely off the menu — whether due to price or time constraints, or a combination of the two — a customisable, mid-market HR software alternative could be just right. Choosing software with a modular set-up, businesses can take advantage of a host of tried and tested, ready-made functionality which can be deployed in a configuration entirely suited to that organisation. This way, businesses can tailor a package that meets their needs, while paying only for elements that enrich their offering and boost their growth.

Features to look out for, include:

  • Self-service functionality
  • Absence management
  • Document management
  • Employee engagement
  • Expenses and mileage
  • Training and development
  • Payroll
  • Recruitment
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Time and attendance
  • Performance management
  • Talent management
  • Workflows

HR tech solutions are a fantastic addition to a company – freeing up the HR team’s time to focus on strategic tasks, while empowering people, team-wide, to handle self-service elements of their employment.

Whatever your business’s unique requirements, choosing a software provider that will work to evolve its offering alongside your growth journey is vital. With Natural HR, our solution offers just that. A ‘suggest’ feature enables our customers to influence the development of our product.

Find out more about our mid-market HR and payroll platform on our features page. Or book a demo with a member of the team.