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Why remote teams need reliable HR software

The importance of reliable HR software for enterprises with remote workers

The importance of reliable HR software for organisations with remote workers

Remote working is here to stay. So much so that the Office of National Statistics (ONS) discovered that working from home in the UK has more than doubled from 4.7m to 9.9m from 2019 to 2022. 

With such a large number of the population choosing to work from home – and employers still needing to find ways to effectively manage their remote workforces – HR software can lend a helping hand, in more ways than one. 

HR software helps maintain clear communication across remote teams 

The amount of applications and solutions used by employees to get their job done has boomed over the years – with the average person using nine apps at work every day. No wonder it can get confusing and frustrating when trying to find company procedures, processes, or training information across a multitude of document folders and other platforms.  

Instead, businesses can use one centralised and organised HR solution as the single source of truth. Employees will be able to find and view company updates and documentation, whilst being able to ask questions and elicit feedback – opening up a clear line of communication with HR, even when working remotely. This eliminates the need for numerous silos of information and data, while boosting productivity and creating a seamless link between HR and your people.

HR software aids in performance, onboarding and training 

It can be hard for HR teams to identify the learning and development needs of remote workers and virtual talent. But with HR software, like Natural HR, you can track the performance of individuals, teams, or the entire company by setting goals, creating reviews and sending out appraisal forms, which will allow you to measure progress. This helps identify high-performers and underperforming employees — prompting whether to celebrate success or suggest additional training.

By adding online training to the system – through a learning management module – remote workers can access training opportunities whenever and wherever they want, adding to the flexibility of remote working.

HR software secures employee data 

Remote working significantly increases the opportunity for cybercriminals. As a result, organisations need to make sure data security and compliance is a high priority – something which HR software can help to bolster.

With Natural HR, security is of the utmost importance. We are ISO27001 accredited, and PCI-DSS certified. We also take backups every four hours to ensure you can rely on a fully resilient infrastructure. 

HR software tracks employee engagement 

It’s also critical to check in with remote workers on a regular basis to see how they’re feeling. Whilst working at home, it can be hard to determine whether employees are enjoying their work and feel successful or whether they need an extra boost – more integration into the company culture, or help with creating a balance and distinction between their work and home lives. 

HR solutions with employee engagement tools – like our own technology – can provide management with an easy way to collect and process feedback on company initiatives, events, and employee sentiment. 

By issuing surveys, staff can give anonymous feedback and share their true feelings, so you can improve employee experience and create a better working environment for all. This can also be linked to performance management measures which will help identify the initiatives you should be focusing on. 

Cloud HR software can be accessed anywhere at any time 

Remote workers need to be able to access the HR system at any time, from anywhere. That’s why our cloud-based solution is the perfect choice for hybrid workforces. It acts as the holy grail for any HR team, with all employee data securely consolidated, virtually, in one place. 

If you’re interested in using HR software to effectively manage your remote workforce, get in touch with the Natural HR team to discuss your specific needs.

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