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How HR software enhances employee onboarding

How HR software can help smooth the employee onboarding process

How HR software can help smooth the employee onboarding experience 

Onboarding can make or break a new starter’s experience at a company. It’s the first real taste they’ll get of the way you like to work, and it’s crucial to their success, engagement, and perception of their new workplace. 

In fact, research shows that a great onboarding experience can improve staff retention by 82%, and boost productivity by over 70% – revealing how important it is to do onboarding right. 

Presenting a new recruit with a mix of emails, physical documents, and a variety of company portals can be overwhelming and confusing. But this is where HR software can come to the rescue and streamline the entire process – ensuring your new starter joins the company feeling welcomed, organised and empowered from day one. 

HR tech powers success 

Onboarding starts before an employee’s first day, so they feel part of the team as soon as they accept your offer. HR solutions, like Natural HR, will allow you to easily set new starters up on the system and give them instant access to the self-service function so they can get familiar with the interface and input any details needed – empowering them to be proactive from day one. 

Before they’ve even set foot in your office, they’ll be able to ‘meet’ their new colleagues and get a feel for the culture, with company updates and news. This will help add to the employee’s excitement and anticipation for joining the business, and aids inclusivity. 

HR software can also help get the boring – but important – stuff out of the way. Most HR solutions allow managers to send documents and information online so employees can read and, if needed, sign them in advance of their first day. This will save valuable, physical or virtual, face-to-face time for engaging with their team and immersing themselves in the company. 

HR systems keep everything in one place

An all-in-one HR system, such as Natural HR, will act as the source of information for your new starter. This is where they can find helpful information on company procedures and processes, benefits, and health and safety, for example – making it easy for new starters to access information and answers whenever they need.

It’s also where they can review their own HR profile, allowing them to check on timesheets, payslips, and holidays. Not only does this boost employee engagement with the software, but it also empowers them to take control of certain aspects of their employment, rather than relying on the HR team. 

This can make a huge difference to remote teams who can’t necessarily pop into the HR department to request leave, or follow up on a missing payslip. 

During the first week at a new job, there’s a lot to learn, so it’s only natural that things may be forgotten – maybe you didn’t receive their signed H&S form, or they still need to complete some online training. But to help, you can also send your new starter reminders and notifications through the HR system to gently prompt them of outstanding actions.

And this works both ways. New employees can also send you questions or reminders, opening up the line of communication no matter where they are working. At Natural HR, our cloud-based software can be used from anywhere, at any time. 

How tech is set to impact the future of onboarding

With our technology, you can streamline the entire onboarding process, making it more efficient for both your existing team and new employees. It also ensures you are complying with the most recent employment laws and regulations, whilst acting as a secure database for all employee information. 

HR software can make the difference between a great onboarding experience and a bad one. In our opinion, incorporating HR software into your onboarding is a no-brainer. 

If you would like to learn more about delivering an unforgettable onboarding experience, download our free guide here or book a demo to see Natural HR in action.