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How Natural HR’s software can improve employee engagement

By 14/10/2022November 27th, 2023Employee Engagement, HR Software, Natural HR
How can Natural HR's software help improve employee engagement in 2022 and beyond?

How can Natural HR’s software help improve employee engagement in 2022 and beyond?

The UK has been revealed as one of the worst countries for employee engagement at work, with only 9% of staff feeling enthusiastic about their roles in 2022. Shocking, right?!

With such a low number of employees feeling aligned to companies’ goals and values – and the added stress of a highly competitive job market – more needs to be done to create positive working environments, engage employees, and retain talent. 

Leaders need to focus on boosting engagement by listening to employees’ thoughts, in turn, helping them to retain staff by ensuring they are seen and heard – rather than just being another cog in the machine.

But how can you encourage employees to share their true feelings about their jobs so you can make a difference? The answer is HR software.

1. Natural HR can encourage employees to give helpful feedback on company events

Through our comprehensive HR system, you can build and schedule employee engagement surveys to gain and process feedback on important events, such as onboarding, training programs, or company initiatives. This will help you shape future business decisions which impact the wider team, and influence employee engagement. 

2. Natural HR enables leaders to gain actionable insights on team satisfaction before it’s too late 

HR teams can issue short and frequent ‘pulse surveys’ to gather data on team sentiment. This monitors employee happiness and satisfaction, enabling you to give managers data-driven insight into team behaviours. 

By sending out regular surveys, you are much more likely to catch any negative feelings before it impacts the business and grows into a bigger problem. 

With Natural HR, questionnaires can be anonymous, so staff feel comfortable sharing their honest opinions with no judgement. 

3. Our software helps you understand engagement trends so you can act on improvements or celebrate success

Our real-time employee insights provide the ability to identify trends within your workplace – such as lower-than-average engagement levels or high-performing employees – so you can implement initiatives and further training, or recognise top performers for their hard work. 

For too long, workers have suffered in silence in an employer-driven environment. But now it’s time for leaders to listen up and actively encourage engagement across the business. And this is exactly where Natural HR can help your team, and your business, thrive. 

If employee engagement is high on your agenda and you’re ready to create an open environment based on honesty, get in touch with our team to discuss how you can give your people a voice with Natural HR.

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