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Three ways to attract talent in an employee-driven market

By 04/11/2022November 27th, 2023Recruitment, Talent Management
Three ways to attract talent in an employee-driven market

Three ways to attract talent in an employee-driven market

With job vacancies still peaking, and not enough talent to fill roles, it’s fair to say that the employment market is now driven by candidates. The pandemic marked an important turning point where employees were given more power and, in turn, were able to become more selective about their job requirements. 

It’s no longer just about salary. People know what they want from an employer and are willing to shop around until they find it – from flexible working arrangements and unlimited holiday allowance to company incentives and fun socials. 

So, for businesses eager to attract and retain staff, it could be time to make some changes if they are to stand out from the competition. 

  • Review recruitment processes 

It’s no longer good enough to keep candidates waiting for news on their applications. Delays between stages or going ‘MIA’ after the final interview will only damage your reputation as an employer, not to mention that competitors will be waiting in the wings to snap them up. 

As such, it’s important that change starts with the recruitment cycle. HR software, like Natural HR, can streamline the entire process from beginning to end. Innovative solutions can help automate your communication with candidates — moving them effortlessly through each stage, whilst improving the quality of your hires. 

With our technology, this can all be done through one centralised system, making it easy for both parties to track progress while cutting the time and money it takes to recruit new employees. 

  • Be upfront about the benefits 

Candidates are looking for incentives that not only align with how they like to work, but also reward them for their time. This includes things like working-from-home (WFH) and flexible working options, healthcare packages, expense allowances, and so on. 

If your benefits packages are looking a bit thin, it’s time to assess how you can improve the quality of life for your workforce and potential new starters. On the other hand, if you already have amazing perks, don’t be scared to boast about them!

Ultimately, incentives are now the ‘make or break’ for candidates with multiple job offers. If you’re not being upfront about what you can give staff, be prepared to see talent going to your competitors. 

  • Give them a taste of the company culture 

Should a candidate decide to join your company, they are committing up to, and sometimes over, 40 hours a week to spend with the organisation – whether that’s in the office or at home. 

So, company culture is way more important than you may think. And a lot of the time, not aligning with the values of a certain organisation can be a dealbreaker for many new starters. Therefore, understanding this from the outset will also boost retention rates. 

Candidates need to get a sense of the brand, people and place they will work in, before they’ve accepted a job offer, to decide if this is the company for them. They want to be engaged and included from the beginning. Employers can do this by creating a fun and positive experience throughout the recruitment process. 

If you have a cool office with ping pong tables, for example, or a social calendar to get the team together every month, make this clear. Better still, why not invite them into the workplace to look around, or send some goodies in the post to their home? Not only will it help you to stand out, it’ll give you a chance to assess their fit for the company too.

A final note

Ultimately, you should listen to what candidates want from you. Employers tend to be very open about the type of person and experience needed to fill a role, but are less interested in asking potential employees what would entice them to work for the company. It could be something simple that tips the balance in your favour, over your biggest competitor. 

If you’re interested in boosting your recruitment chances with our help, get in touch with the team to discuss Natural HR’s all-encompassing functionality. 

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