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Why HR software is critical in uncertain times

By 16/11/2022January 8th, 2024HR Software, Natural HR, Software, Technology
Why HR software is critical in uncertain times

Why HR software is critical in uncertain times 

All businesses can experience uncertainty — whether it’s a change in direction, having to reshuffle roles, or worries about finances, for example. But it’s how these difficult times are managed that makes the difference. 

That’s why when the pandemic turned the world of work upside down, the HR technology market boomed. According to recent reports, the market was valued at $22.89 billion in 2020, rising to $24.04 billion in 2021, and it’s set to reach $35.68 billion by 2028. This shows the undoubted reliance of businesses on this technology to help them through future challenges. 

So, when push comes to shove, how can HR software help maintain a sense of certainty and stability? 

An open line of communication  

When experiencing company-wide changes, clear and consistent communication with the entire workforce is key. This can be difficult when nowadays, there are so many different tools and platforms that employees use to conduct business and communicate daily. 

The one thing you don’t want during a crisis is for things to get lost in translation. And this is where HR technology can act as a central and trustworthy source of information. 

HR teams can easily issue company updates and engage with employees to open a clear line of communication, no matter whether they are working from home or the office. 

At the same time, it ensures that staff can continue to have interactions with HR by raising queries and asking questions whenever needed.


Empowers employees to self-serve 

Even before the pandemic, and especially after, HR teams have dealt with an ever-increasing amount of responsibilities. And their time is even more precious during uncertainty, but what’s important is that employees still feel prioritised.

So by implementing HR software with a self-serving function, you can ensure that staff can manage their own HR requests and information – including leave requests, onboarding documentation and training programmes – without having to rely on a timely response from their HR managers. 

This, in turn, allows HR teams to allocate their time to other areas that need immediate attention whilst still being updated on employee activity. So things remain under control, and employees can go about their daily activities without disruption. 


Automation to free up focus time 

During uncertainty, work can be overwhelming, especially when there are manual and mundane tasks taking up your valuable time. But this is where automation technology can come to the rescue. 

HR tech will automate administrative and repetitive tasks so HR teams can spend more time supporting and engaging with employees on what really matters. 

This also means that these tasks aren’t forgotten – which can be easy when there is so much going on in the business. Payroll, timekeeping and recruitment, for example, can continue to tick away in the background whilst more urgent matters are attended to. 

At the end of the day, HR works hard to support staff and maintain a sense of stability – especially when there is a change. And HR technology can empower them to do exactly that. To find out how to implement it effectively, download our free guide. 

No matter what companies are going through, one thing is for certain, HR software can act as the central tool for all employees to rely on. 


Foster a culture of growth and development

As the working environment shifts and evolves to a more hybrid role, access to training and development for employees is crucial to ensuring that any staff with role-specific knowledge and skills can facilitate and improve their job performance within your business. 

These insights will give the HR team valuable insights as to what areas they need to focus on for each individual employee. For more information on the important things to ask and know when implementing HR software, download our guide.

Don’t wait until your company is experiencing challenging circumstances to implement HR technology. Get in touch with the Natural HR team to make sure your HR department is prepared for whatever the future holds. 

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